[POLL] What’s Your Favorite Corvette of the 1970s?


[POLL] What's Your Favorite Corvette of the 1970s?

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We just wrapped up the third week of our Corvettes of the Decades countdown by crowning the 1971 model the greatest of the ’70s with its predecessor, the 1970 Corvette, coming in second place and the 1978 earning a nod for third.

Now it is your turn, which vintage of 70’s ‘Vette is your huckleberry? Is it the ’70 with its new LT-1 powerplant or the ’71 and its hulking LS6? Do you have special memories of ’72 through ’77 Corvettes? Are you smitten by the ’78 special editions or do you believe that they saved the best for last with the ’79?

What is your favorite Corvette from the 1970s?

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Last week, voters overwhelmingly agreed with us that 1967 was the high point of the swinging sixties with the last midyear Corvette receiving an overwhelming 43% of the vote followed by the ’63 at 21%. No other ’60s Corvettes were even in the double digits but the race for third was close between 1969 at 9% of the vote and 1966 which received 8% of the vote.

Stay tuned next week as we continue on into the ’80s, a decade nearly as hard to rank as the ’60s were but for very different reasons.

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  1. Joe, everything after 1967 was awesome! And maybe you are too big to fit into a C8!

  2. Joe is a Troll. He write the same thing a few articles ago. Go visit the Rust-stang sites Joe.

  3. I’ve had one from each decade, the 70’s were my least favorite. Still liked them, just not as well as the others.

  4. Joe , You Obviously have some sort of issues , Come to grip with Your underlying Mustang desire and leave the Corvette people alone , You Negative Nelly

  5. My vote is still for the 70 over all others. Why? Because it was the last free breathing V8 engine that was put into the Vette. Style? I love that too. BTW, full disclosure….I own a 70! I own what I love.

  6. Look Joe, I get it.

    I’ve owned the same C3 now for almost 44 years. And I think the first time I heard the “all after ’67” rant was around 1970! Just old news for us old-timers.

    Underlying Mustang desire……Funny!

  7. New to club but the one thing I see in common of all is “We Love and frequently live Corvettes”. The early years planted the seed in all of us, the family tree afterwards had to evolve to maintain enthusiasm and meet the demand for engineering improvements. I currently have the 1974 Twin Turbo, Greenwood Widebody as presented on American Pickers (Michigan Madman) episode. Not for the purist but perfect for me. I have always wanted a unique ride. Hence the license “uathúil“ Irish for UNIQUE). Regardless of the year of the Vette I see on the road, it is always an eye catching and head turning moment.

  8. The “Dead Years” are ’73 through ’82, shouldn’t be in the same gen as the ’68 through ’72. Corvettes died when the chrome bumpers went away. Sorta came back to life with the C5. With the C6,7,8, Corvette is back on top.

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