[POLL] What Is Your Favorite Corvette of the 1950s?



This week we kicked off our countdown of the best Corvette from every decade that will lead us right into 2020 and the official launch of the critically acclaimed mid-engine Stingray. We started exactly where the Corvette started, in the 1950s, and counted down what we believe are the three greatest ‘Vettes from that seven-year span. Now it is your turn; let us know what vintage of Corvette you think was the cream of the crop before the calendar turned to 1960.

As a quick refresher for those of you who missed the stories in the shuffle this week, our top three were as follows: in third place we had the OG 1953, we gave the silver medal to the 1959 ‘Vette, and coming in first was the Corvette from 1957.

This is a tough question case can be made for almost any of these cars. 1953 kicked off our national obsession, ’54 saw improved production techniques in an actual factory designed to build Corvettes and color choices, ’55 kicked off the V8 era, the styling became iconic in ’56, ’57 brought the whole package that we have become used to, ’58s have many unique styling elements, and 1959’s benefitted from the constant improvements of all of its predecessors. So, tell us, Corvette nation; in your expert opinion, which Corvette should have been awarded the blue ribbon for the 1950s?

What is your favorite Corvette of the 1950s?

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