[PICS] Sinister Widebody Rendering Pushes the C8 Corvette’s Design Envelope


[PICS] Sinister Widebody Rendering Pushes the C8 Corvette's Design Envelope

Photo Credit: Hugo Silva Designs

Leading up the 2020 Corvette Stingray’s reveal in California, we saw (and featured here) many different renderings of the mid-engine Corvette. But now that the car has been released, new designers are stepping up to the plate to show just how far the ME design can be extended.

It’s no secret that the Corvette aftermarket is one of the most robust in the industry and you can expect several players to step up with bolt-on body kits to go along with any kind of performance upgrades.

The last two generations have featured a standard and widebody configuration and its expected that the performance model next up from Chevrolet would be a wide-body C8 Corvette that may or may not carry the Z06 badge. Perhaps designer Hugo Silva had similar ideas as he’s created this bold widebody rendering of the C8 Corvette which makes the car look even more sinister than its current stock configuration.

[PICS] Sinister Widebody Rendering Pushes the C8 Corvette's Design Envelope

The first thing we noticed is just how low this car is to the ground. You’re gonna want the Front End Lift kit on this build! We also like the new treatment to the front grill, complete with dive-planes that actually extend off the sides of the front fascia. On the back is a huge wing while the quad exhaust tips have been reworked into a single piece on each side with two outlets.

In his facebook post with the design, he says, “At first I was a little sceptical of the overall shape of this car, but I must say it has loads of potential for bodykit design”.

[PICS] Sinister Widebody Rendering Pushes the C8 Corvette's Design Envelope

We are very excited about the design potential the new mid-engine Corvette offers and would love to see some of these designs actually make it past the rendering phase and onto a custom build. Especially if they look a little something like this!

Hugo Silva Designs via CarScoops.com

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  1. Not bad, but I think the front end could be cleaned up, its just a little too busy with all the scoops, holes and spoilers. Remember: “Less is more”

  2. No, no,no leave it!! The best rendition I have seen of the C8. Friggen awesome!! To low to drive but damn.

  3. Looks nice if it wasn’t touching the ground. I do agree the front end is a little to busy, needs to be toned down a little.

  4. I agree with Jeff & Mako regarding the front end, however the rear shot with the high spoiler is very cool.

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