We Rank the Best Corvette of Every Decade!


Starting Tomorrow: We Rank the Best Corvette of Every Decade!

Since its debut in 1953, the Corvette has been an integral thread in the fabric of our great nation. Now, we are just seven weeks away from the end of the seventh decade of production for America’s Sports Car. To celebrate, CorvetteBlogger will be retroactively crowning seven ‘Vettes of the Decade to remember and celebrate the incredible highs and occasional lows that America’s greatest automotive nameplate has been through before its eighth decade kicks off with the most radical transformation in the cars’ storied history.

Each decade of Corvette production (1950s, 1960’s, 1970s,…) will get a top-three Corvette countdown during that decade’s assigned week. We will be leading off with the inaugural decade of Corvette Production. It might be the shortest decade in duration but it proved quite difficult to rank as there were so many significant changes every year.

So stay tuned! Our third-place Corvette will be revealed tomorrow leading up to our “Best Corvette of the 1950s” award on Friday, and then we’ll kick off next week with a look at the best Corvettes produced during the 1960s.

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  1. im happy that GM have built the new c8 corvette with alot of bang for the buck in every sense of the world one of it is that how quick it is whit such a not so light weight as a hole , its about the same wight as the c7zr1 with less hp and torque and naturaly aspirated , there is much more bang for anything than ever it is pure higg tech and that dual clutch transmission plays a great roll that is amazing it is now much more of a 911 porsche competition than ever before this 2 cars are much more like each other than ever and the vette now really beats it whit the good price tag congrat GM and follow that way

  2. Looking forward to seeing your rankings. I expect they will give rise to considerable discussion and debate!

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