[VIDEO] Electric Porsche Taycan vs Emelia Hartford’s World Record C8 Corvette


[VIDEO] Electric Porsche Taycan vs Emelia Hartford's World Record C8 Corvette

Here’s a very fun matchup that will have you cracking up throughout the 15-minute video so make sure you keep watching.

Hoonigan’s This or That features two different cars that race each other and this week’s matchup features the Porsche Taycan electric sedan vs Emelia Hartford’s world record-setting 2020 Corvette Stingray.

The Porsche Taycan Turbo EV has the equivalent of 670 hp that puts the rubber to the road via a 2-speed automatic. The electric motors give the sedan All Wheel Drive however it comes with a serious weight penalty of 5132 lbs.

Meanwhile, Emelia’s C8 Corvette has the built LT2 V8, and thanks to its twin-turbo setup, Hoonigan lists the horsepower rating at 750. However, we’ve watched her car on the dyno when it made 1,022 horsepower which is also a world record for the C8. With all kinds of go-fast parts now on the car, she set the fastest time ever for a C8 Corvette in the quarter-mile at 9.474 seconds.

[VIDEO] Electric Porsche Taycan vs Emelia Hartford's World Record C8 Corvette

The Hoonigan guys do have a good time talking about the Taycan being called a turbo without having one, while Emelia’s car has two turbos, but it isn’t called a turbo. If this is the future as they said, I like where it’s headed!

The first race is 1,000 feet and Cody in the Porsche appears to get the jump on Emelia and the electric Taycan easily takes the lead, yet the C8 Corvette comes roaring from behind, but it’s not enough and the Taycan takes the first race.

[VIDEO] Electric Porsche Taycan vs Emelia Hartford's World Record C8 Corvette

The second race is for 1,500 feet and Cody knows the C8 is stronger at the end, so he negotiates “the hit” which means Emelia can’t go until she sees the Porsche move. Once again, the Taycan’s AWD puts the car out in front but by the end, it’s a completely different finish as the C8 Corvette takes this race.

Finally, we get to the third race and the negotiations between the two drivers are fun to watch and finally they settle on another head to head race at 1,000 feet. Emelia gets her best launch and while the Taycan’s on-demand torque still provides an early lead, it’s a photo finish at the end with the winning car confirmed by rolling back the GoPro footage to see who crossed the line first. We won’t spoil the outcome for you on that one.

Like I said, this video is entertaining as all get out, and I hope you enjoy it as much as we did here!


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