[VIDEO] YouTuber Turns Her 2020 Corvette Stingray Into a Burnout Machine


[VIDEO] YouTuber Turns Her 2020 Corvette Stingray Into a Burnout Machine

One of the more interesting developments for those who like to hoon their Corvettes is the 2020 Corvette’s near inability to do a standing burnout. With the engine in the rear providing more weight over the tires, the car hooks up much easier than previous models and when you watch this video, you would swear that the Corvette’s electronics are actively working against her.

Emelia Hartford is the owner of the great-looking Stingray and her YouTube channel boasts nearly a half-million subscribers. We haven’t yet featured her on the CorvetteBlogger but we do think this quest for the standing burnout is worthy of your time.

From Emelia Hartford via YouTube:

We had to finish our road trip back with a bang! In today’s episode, we drove the C8 cross country and had to find a way to get this car to do a standing burnout! This car continues to blow my mind! We just couldn’t go home without giving her a proper rip and she definitely did not disappoint!

P.S. I hope everyone is staying home and staying safe. This video was shot pre self-quarantine (obviously). I am staying home and doing my part to keep everyone safe as well as try to put out great content for everyone to pass the time with. I only have one more video backlogged for editing to keep the content rolling after that, I may be at my shop by myself for some different style content. I love you guys, stay strong! With Love, E

Emelia also adds the following comment later which we wanted to highlight before you watch the video:

Hey Guys thanks for watching! I’ve seen a lot of comments in these videos about abusing my car. I didn’t buy a new car to baby it. (100 shot and burnout isn’t what’s going to do it either). She will see a lot of track time. If it breaks we will rebuild it stronger 🙏 Hope you’re staying safe and enjoying the content during quarantine!

For more on the 2020 Corvette’s unofficial Burnout Mode, we suggest this previous post.

Emelia Hartford / YouTube

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  1. lets see her do some serious laps at a real road racing course, with lap times, instead of dumb burnouts.
    I think EH can be a decent driver if she would get serious.

  2. What is the obsession with burnouts? I have 3 Corvettes. Never even crossed my mind. Maybe I should try it on my Honda CRF450R?

  3. Got through half the video, then had to go get a drink. Probably whoever’s bangin’ her thinks it’s worthwhile, doubt I would.

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