[VIDEO] Emelia Hartford is Your New C8 Corvette Horsepower Queen


[VIDEO] Emelia Hartford is Your New C8 Corvette Horsepower Queen

YouTuber and C8 content machine, Emelia Hartford has been relentless in her pursuit of power since taking delivery of her 2020 Corvette Stingray Z51 about a year ago. Her obsession got her C8 twin-turboed, nutrous’d, and even blown up.

Well, her unique white and orange Stingray has been rebuilt and tuned all the way to a world record. Ms. Hartford is now in possession of the most powerful C8 on planet earth, and it even runs this time around!

Emelia and her team went back to the twin-turbo well, added meth port injection, and another go-around with nitrous with their sights set on four-digit horsepower. Early trips to the dyno revealed rear-wheel gains of more than 200 ponies, but that wasn’t cutting it, so it was back to the drawing board. Race fuel was added to the mix and the replaced motor was tuned to within an inch of its life, but it held together for another go on the rollers.

The first run on the new tune and race fuel lit up the screen with a 980 and then, after a couple more warm-ups, it finally notched the highest number ever seen in a mid-engine Corvette; 1,022 All-American horses!

Congrats to Emelia and everyone who had a hand in this truly impressive build! Enjoy the new followers that this should earn you, we are all waiting to see where it will go next!

Emelia Hartford / YouTube

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  1. Its easy to drive a car like that. Ask the members of the ZR-1 Net Registry and they will tell you these cars have bullet proof engines and put a smile on your face.

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