[VIDEO] This is the Fastest C8 Corvette on the Planet


[VIDEO] This is the Fastest C8 Corvette on the Planet

Emelia Hartford just set the world record for the fastest C8 in a 1/4-mile run at 9.908, so what did she do to celebrate?

How about staying on the track and smashing her own record two times – first with a 9.474 and then again at 9.41!

And believe it or not, she says she’s not through. Somehow we get the feeling her Arctic White with orange livery creation is going to be setting more records.

As she announced in a YouTube video to her 680,000 subscribers: WE DID IT!!!! WE HAVE THE WORLDS FASTEST C8 CORVETTE! WE HAVE THE WORLDS HIGHEST HP C8 CORVETTE! THE SKY IS THE LIMIT!!!!

[VIDEO] This is the Fastest C8 Corvette on the Planet

To start the day at Famoso Raceway in Bakersfield, California, Emelia simply changed to Forgeline NW101 wheels, known for their super lightweight, super durable reputation on some of the fastest cars in the world, and adding 91 octane fuel with some C16 thrown into the mix after doing a few passes to burn it down. She also ran on “some really sticky” Mickey Thompson ET Series tires on the rear with some skinnies up front to “give us an additional advantage we didn’t have before when we first ran in Texas,” she points out.

Even without dusting off the tires, Emelia ran a 10.4 on her first pass, and the team continued to make adjustments before finally deciding to increase the rear tire pressure and go full send on the 1,000 horsepower tune. That eventually resulted in a 9.98, but Emelia sensed she was on the cusp of something historic and kept going.

[VIDEO] This is the Fastest C8 Corvette on the Planet

That’s when she broke the previous record of 9.95 held by ETS, with a 9.908 at 138.70 mph.

“There’s a lot more in there,” comes the proclamation from the team. “Let’s keep going. Now we’re gonna start cranking up the power.”

That’s when they ran a 9.474 with 11 pounds of boost, prompting onlookers to say this would be a good time to put it on the trailer.

[VIDEO] This is the Fastest C8 Corvette on the Planet

But Emelia and the team still weren’t through, and the result was an unbelievable time of 9.41.

“Well, boys, we did it,” a jubilant Emelia says. “Not only did we get into the 9s, which was the initial goal, we also broke 9.95 so we finished at 9.41 and I want to come back for more. I just feel like the car still has more, and I don’t think we’re done yet!”

As she said early in the video, the goal is to break records, not parts!

We’ll keep you posted on future runs.

Emelia Hartford

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  1. She has spent a lot of money after blowing up the first modded engine. YouTube must pay a lot.

  2. It is only the record temporarily, just depends on how much money and determination someone has do knoch her off her high horse.

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