[PICS] The Pandem Widebody Kit Really Wakes Up This C8 Corvette


[PICS] The Pandem Widebody Kit Really Wakes Up This C8 Corvette

Photo Credits: Alex Lawn / Instagram

The new mid-engine Corvette is definitely stirring the creative juices of the aftermarket crowd, and the world’s first Pandem widebody kit has already been installed for owner Alex Lawn by LT Motor Werks out of California.

“So the wait is over and let’s break the internet!” Lawn said as he unveiled the Corvette on Instagram this week.

[PICS] The Pandem Widebody Kit Really Wakes Up This C8 Corvette

Earlier we had shown you several renderings of the kit released by Japanese developer Tra Kyoto, but this is our first look at a real live version.

The huge rear wing will no doubt inspire lots of talk, good and bad, but isn’t that what supercars are supposed to do? Personally, we like the way the spoiler appears to be an actual extension of the body and not just a tack-on. We’re sure everyone won’t feel that way, however, but to each his own. We believe the C8 is so radical of a car that it deserves to be personalized as wild as the owner wants.

[PICS] The Pandem Widebody Kit Really Wakes Up This C8 Corvette

If you do happen to have your own C8 and feel the same way and want to join the fun, the price isn’t totally outrageous. The whole kit is $7,000, but you can go one piece at a time like the old Johnny Cash song for $1,000 for the front lip, $1,200 for the side skirt extensions, $1,800 for the front fenders, $1,800 for the rear fenders, and $1,200 for the wing.

So what’s your take on this outrageous C8 update?


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  1. ughh the 60′ and 70’s all over again how can you make the car any uglier. They will be driving along on the highway at 30mph just to keep the wheel travel from destroying the body

  2. A one inch clearance car is usable on the track and nowhere else. Also, if this car was painted silver, the body lines would look completely bizarre.

  3. Wow, one of the best I have seen, looks bad ass sitting on the ground. Hard to drive in town I imagine. Damn nice though.

  4. 100% amazing this car looks so clean and great love the wheels love the body kit and the black normally hides the details but this looks great 100% love it

  5. I don’t care for the tacked on fenders with exposed fasteners and it’s totally impractical for the street with its super low ground clearance.

  6. Good on everything but the wing.

    Wing needs to be more angular, sharp, edgy …. in keeping with the theme already there.

    The car has bags, so city driving isn’t as bad as you’d think.

    Agreed: “rivets” look isn’t good.

    In fact: only a reworking of the entire quarter panel and fender IN METAL should be considered a “wide BODY” car.

    Clowns putting-on FENDER FLARES don’t have a wide body car ….. they have a clown fender flare car.

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