[PICS] Pandem Widebody Kit for the C8 Corvette is Revealed on Instagram


[PICS] Pandem Widebody Kit for the C8 Corvette is Revealed on Instagram

Photo Credit: Trakyoto / Instagram

The C8 Corvette continues to inspire the aftermarket that seeks to provide even more pizazz for owners, as if the new mid-engine Corvette isn’t stylish enough already.

The latest to join in on all the fun is Pandem, which offers widebody kits for cars literally ranging from A (Acura NSX) to Z (Nissan 350Z).

Tra Kyoto, the Japanese developer of Pandem and its Rocket Bunny kits, just introduced the Pandem C8 Corvette widebody kit in a set of six renderings via Instagram.

[PICS] Pandem Widebody Kit for the C8 Corvette is Revealed on Instagram

Based on past Pandem renderings and the eventual reality, we’d expect the actual C8 widebody package to look very close to the wild illustrations seen here.

The Pandem kit is definitely not for the weak of heart, as the rendering includes deep-dish yellow wheels with black spokes, along with a huge and unique rear spoiler done in body color.

While the company hasn’t released any details yet, the package would seem to include a front spoiler, front and rear overfenders, skirt skirt extenders, and a rear apron addition.

[PICS] Pandem Widebody Kit for the C8 Corvette is Revealed on Instagram

Pricing remains a mystery as well, but based on other kits done by Pandem, the cost could range anywhere from $21,600 (Acura NSX cost) down to $7,800 (2020 Supra cost, including $2,800 for a rear spoiler).

Pandem’s results for the Corvette seem to be one of the more radical packages yet devised by the aftermarket for the C8, and we’d have to say our first impression wasn’t a good one (something about it reminds us of Lightning McQueen wearing tennis shoes), but the more we looked at the photos, the more the overall look has grown on us.

So, how do you feel about these aftermarket “upgrades” for the new mid-engine Corvette? Leave well enough alone, or just use the stock car as just a starting point for even more fun?

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  1. Very cool, nicely-done, but what is wrong with the original? Reminds me of doing plastic surgery to some gorgeous starlet.

  2. For what it is, that is a track beast, perhaps this will provide more grip. It does make the car appear very large. For the street, instead of a svelte original Corvette design, overall, the Stingray looks kind of bloated. If it has a purpose other than attempting to somehow look more macho solely by adding useless inches for looks of some kind (these days, almost anything will sell almost anything to someone) effect, in and of itself, unless it is for performance purposes, I’d rather see the original Corvette design. AF

  3. I’m still not 100% happy with the C8. The back end I think is the weak part of the car. Again
    like the C7, It’s to busy and cluttered of a design. Also, I think it looks better to have the defuser body color rather then black. Black breaks up an already non-flowing design

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