[PICS] Xeigen Supercars Previews the ‘C8 Daytona’ Widebody Corvette


[PICS] Xeigen Supercars Previews Their 'C8 Daytona' Widebody Corvette

We’ve always felt that the C8 Corvette has always been begging to be customized by the aftermarket.

Xeigen Supercars is the latest to take up that gauntlet, and we think they’ve knocked it out of the park with their Greenwood/C8.R-inspired widebody design unveiled this week.

This new look just screams supercar, supercar, supercar, and while we don’t yet know what kind of mechanical upgrades are lurking behind the seats, we hope they’re at least equal to the fantastic design enhancements already visible in two renderings of their C8 Daytona.

[PICS] Xeigen Supercars Previews Their 'C8 Daytona' Widebody Corvette

We love both renderings, the first in a matte dark gray with a natural interior and the second with a patriotic red, white and blue theme with a blue interior.

“The launch of the new C8 Corvette amazed us all. A modern supercar, with a mid-engine. With this Corvette so different, it was time for XEIGEN to pay tribute to the American Legend from the 70’s who stunned the world back in its time: John Greenwood and its Corvettes C3 DAYTONA IMSA. Through our FB page, we want you to witness the progress of this C8 DAYTONA project, from design to completion for 2021,” Xeigen says on its Facebook page. “Redesigned with widebody + performance parts to lead to a supercar more powerful, faster… More brutal!”

[PICS] Xeigen Supercars Previews Their 'C8 Daytona' Widebody Corvette

We definitely agree with the “more brutal” part. Where to start in the description? How about the biggest wing around on the back that rises above a spoiler attached to the rear deck, along with an exhaust system reduced to two large outlets done in titanium, and a tough-looking aerodynamic diffuser?

Along the sides are enlarged rocker skirts and extra-wide rear fenders, and the nose of the car has been lengthened with a huge spoiler that will no doubt make good use of the optional front end lift and includes a red tow hook. Despite the fact that the engine isn’t under the hood, the “frunk” lid boasts of a large cowl highlighted in blue and surrounded by tapered red stripes.

[PICS] Xeigen Supercars Previews Their 'C8 Daytona' Widebody Corvette

Also included are center-lock black wheels inside low-profile tires, bigger brake calipers, and roof-mounted air intake.

While some may argue that it’s too “boy-racer,” we say what’s wrong with that? Just be prepared to widen your garage!

Xeigen Supercars / Facebook

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  1. Less the high-wing and I’m all in on the styling cues!!! Chevrolet are you watching? Please be watching…C8 G/S Widebody?!?! Under $95K?!?!
    JB 😉

  2. I an a lot of us really wish you guys can really start the convertibles going. There a lot of coupes out there let’s show the world how a more beautiful a car can get.

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