[PICS] ‘Subtle’ C8 Corvette Widebody Rendering by Monaco Auto Design


[PICS] 'Subtle' C8 Corvette Widebody Rendering by Monaco Auto Design

Photo Credit: Monaco Auto Design

Even with the world slowed down by coronavirus, the aftermarket has still been busy creating different looks for the new mid-engine Corvette.

The latest example comes from Instagram courtesy of Monaco Auto Design.

Their rendering of a widebody 2020 Corvette is one of the more mild creations we’ve featured, with the major changes being the wide, add-ons fender wells at the rear and the thin, vertical air intakes at the front.

Other subtle changes include a wickerbill on the rear end, reminiscent of the C7 widebodies, and thicker lower rocker panels below the doors – the front and rear changes both done in black that contrasts nicely with the white paint adorning the body.

Also worth taking a look at is the company’s website that includes some of their renderings of other Corvettes, including a C7 and a C3 that both look pretty sharp.

That same website describes Monaco Auto Design as “simply an idea to artistically express automotive design and to explore the endless possibilities of a custom vehicle” when it started 19 years ago.

“After recognizing the need for high quality digital renderings, we strived to create a premium design experience for anyone to visualize their dreams and have since quickly risen to become recognized as one of the top sources for rendering and design in the automotive industry,” the company says. “Today, we are proud to have worked with the finest automotive companies and private owners all over the world to ensure perfection and complete satisfaction of the design for their vehicle.”

Monaco’s look for the C8 is a lot tamer and might appeal to a wider audience than some of the wilder renderings we’ve featured from other companies. What’s your take? Just the right amount of changes? Or make it wilder and crazier?

Monaco Auto Design via autoevolution.com

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  1. I for one do not like what looks like add-on flairs, wish I had the money to design the wide body for the C8 Corvette.
    I would do it like I did on my 1970 Corvette Show Car.

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