[VIDEO] East Coast Supercharging Shows Off their Turbocharging Skills on a 2020 Corvette


[VIDEO] East Coast Supercharging Shows Off their Turbocharging Skills on a 2020 Corvette

Photo Credit: East Coast Supercharging

There seems to be quite a bit of demand for an eighth-generation Corvette that features the sweet, sweet power and torque provided by twin-turbos. With the only current offering in GM’s stable of v8’s that would fit the bill in limbo and earmarked for exclusive duty in Cadillacs and the C8.R-based powerplant still waiting in the wings, several years out, the Veruca Salts of the 2020 owner’s club are looking to the aftermarket to satisfy their deepest fantasies of boost.

We have already seen some of what John Hennessey has up his Texas-sized sleeve and now, in what locals will surely describe as “the best,” it’s East Coast Supercharging’s turn.

The New Jersey-based shop took to Instagram this Easter weekend to tout the twin-turbo upgrade they are developing specifically for the new Stingray’s LT2.


The identical (or at least mirror image) turbos are top-mounted 62-millimeter PT6266 units sourced from Precision Turbo in Indiana who also supplies the wastegates. An air-to-water intercooler is also part of the package which, along with further engine reinforcements, is aiming to bring the Corvette into four-digit horsepower territory.

Final output and pricing are yet to be finalized but the visible twin snails in the rear window of there cockpit, while slower spooling than the Blackwing’s “Hot-v” setup, are a new riff on the 2019 ZR1’s shaker hood that seem cool enough to forgive any slight inefficiencies.

Keep your eyes peeled as the outfit responsible for this exciting RvD seems poised to unleash one beast of a C8 on the empty streets of the garden state.

East Coast Supercharging

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  1. It’s a wait and see situation because Hennessey Performance which developed a 1,000 hp twin-turbo kit for a Cadillac thought they would be able to install the turbo system into the C8 Corvette to create a 1,000 hp C8; but it didn’t work out as Hennessey’s first twin-turbo set up only managed to produce 643.x ho or under 150 hp over the base LT2 6.2L V8’s 495 hp output which makes the effort expensive.. imagine spending thousands of dollars and getting just 150 more than stock, it’ll be interesting to see what East Coast can accomplish and if you don’t see any new videos from them, you can conclude that they weren’t as successful as they may have hoped.

  2. Nobody’s getting any big HP numbers until they can manipulate the ECU. As for turbo location, while the there’s benefits to the top engine bay mounting, there’s also disadvantages. Heat is going to be a big, big deal on these cars and this top mount location is not optimal.

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