[VIDEO] The Stradman’s 2020 Corvette is Faster Around a Short Track than His Lamborghini Aventador


[VIDEO] The Stradman's 2020 Corvette is Faster Around a Short Track than His Lamborghini Aventador

The Stradman is back with his now Purple 2020 Corvette Stingray Z51 Coupe. In his latest video, he takes the Corvette and his Lamborghini Aventador to a short track somewhere in Utah where the two face off mano-a-mano for the best-timed lap.

It’s an interesting matchup as the Aventador has 700 hp but on the shorter track, it will never get to use all those horses. The Corvette 495-hp LT2 offers up great low-end torque that helps move the car through the various turns. The track itself reminds us of a large go-kart track and there is a bit of a straight that allows the Lamborghini to get upwards of 100 mph and he scores a timed lap of 1:10.1.

Now behind the squircle steering wheel of the 2020 Corvette, the Stradman utilizes Launch Control but finds he only did 3.9 seconds 0-60 mph. Telling his girlfriend Tessa that “We got some time to make up. Hold on girl!”, he carves up the track, and at one point he exclaims that he almost lost it in a curve, but the Corvette didn’t seem to mind and he runs the circuit in 1:08.93.


As the Stradman is in disbelief of his time, one of the Stad’s friends asks him, “Why do you spend three times as much money to go slower?” in regards to the $400,000 price tag on the Lambo vs the $85K that was paid for the Stingray.

There is some great drone footage following the 2020 Corvette Stingray along the course and the multiple camera angles give you a great look at all the action. Plus, I find the Stradman fun to watch so enjoy his video of his 2020 Corvette Stingray destroying his 2020 Aventador on a short track:

TheStradman / YouTube

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  1. Kevin, he has almost 2.5 million subscribers to his YouTube channel. This video has been viewed over 670,000 times and there were several advertisements in the video. He gets paid for the advertisements viewed. I would think he makes a lot of money on YouTube.

  2. Very Cool. His Cars are not garage Queens, they are being enjoyed Properly. Spoiler Alert: the front right radiator Cooling Fan (on the C8) swallows a piece of debris and is stuck there causing a ratling sound LOL… “I DontKnow what that IS”… Dramma Queen 🤣

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