Additional Leaked C8 Corvette CAD Drawings Point to a Turbocharged Engine Called the LT7


Additional Leaked C8 Corvette CAD Drawings Point to a Turbocharged Engine called the LT7

Last week a batch of CAD images reportedly to be that of the mid-engine C8 Corvette were released on the Corvette Forum by a new forum user named ZERV.

Since that unauthorized release, GM’s lawyers have sprung into action and are running around issuing take-down notices and copyright notices for the unauthorized presentation of their “copyrighted artwork”.

Jalopnik had their images pulled from Facebook due to the DCMA copyright notice and issued this follow-up post stating that the lawyers actions confirm the mid-engine C8 is really going to happen:

Meanwhile, back on the Corvette Forum, ZERV continued his slow leak of CAD drawings on Friday and Monday morning with a photo of the C8’s rear packaging, a CAD image titled “GEN6 LT7” showing a turbo system, while a third image provided part of the engine’s throttle body and fuel injection system.

The LT7 name has been rumored before and I mentioned it here in 2016 in regards to the rumors of the ZR1 and its new engine, which we now know is called the LT5. All the current C7 LT engines are “Gen Five” small blocks while the graphic with the LT7 calls it the “Gen6”.

The CAD images appear to show the engine utilizing both dual and port fuel injection like the Corvette ZR1’s LT5, as well as two air intakes, with one side making use of a turbo that is tucked down in the rear sides of the C8.

These CAD reveals point to something very special in the works and we are very excited for the future Corvette. To find out what your fellow Corvette enthusiasts think about these CAD images, check out the thread Code Name Zerv.


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  1. Sure the mid-engine is a reality. The tooling is being installed in the “manifold building” at the Bowling Green Corvette Assembly Plant as we speak to build the frame and body base. It is coming!

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