[PICS] Shorty C5 Corvette Taking the Internet By Storm!


[PICS] Shorty C5 Corvette Taking the Internet By Storm!

What would happen if a C5 Corvette, a Miata, and a Volkswagen got together – let’s say this as delicately as possible – in an inappropriate way?

This silver creation recently posted on Reddit by thememelord_23 could be the result!

While some people have complained for years about the big rear end on the C5, we think replacing it with a smaller version reminiscent of a Beetle or a Plymouth Prowler might not necessarily be the right way to go.

Meanwhile, that front end, with its headlights mounted in oblivion and a rectangular “bumper,” definitely offers a lesson in what can go wrong when custom fabrication goes a little haywire.

[PICS] Shorty C5 Corvette Taking the Internet By Storm!

At least this is one way to bring the C5 into the modern era of fixed headlights instead of pop-ups like the stock fifth-generation Corvette.

At first glance, this car looks a lot like a Miati to us, though the longer you look at the side view, the more you realize it’s obviously some kind of a Corvette, or at least used to be.

It also reminds us of the chopped-off second-generation Cadillac Sevilles of the mid-‘80s.

[PICS] Shorty C5 Corvette Taking the Internet By Storm!

We must admit, after looking at photos of this car for a long time, after our eyes got uncrossed, we came to admire the level of skill and expertise required to build this mish-mash of vehicle parts. Should their talents have been used in more worthwhile efforts? That’s really nobody’s business but the creators’, though some people who have to look at it going down the road might not agree.

A writer over at Motor1.com even suggested it might be “a riot” as an autocross car, and personally we’d love to drive it to a cruise-in just to hear the unbleeped reactions of other enthusiasts. What do you think?

Reddit via Motor1.com

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  1. this is not a corvette. the person that did this has no respect for the corvette.

  2. What happens?? One of the ugliest cars I have ever seen. Hopefully the Commie that did this will never own a Corvette again. Just wrong.

  3. Some people just have to practice their creativity, for whatever sorted reason. Ok I get that. The ‘EXPOSED REAR TIRES’ in my opinion are a ‘no no’. I don’t like that on Hot Rods or do I like it here. That’s fine for a race track where many drivers risk their lives for a win, but not for public roads. Your tire can pick up a stone and propel it like a fired rifle shot at whatever is behind them. I can’t imagine that this shortend Corvette is going to have much of a ‘resale value’.

  4. Probably started as a totaled insurance sale with rear end damage and maybe also front end damage. It would justify the abortion you see here. If the builder started with a complete undamaged car, he should be banned from ever owning a Corvette for the rest of his life.

  5. I believe the lower front piece is a Camaro piece. And the rectangular front portion is just the painted front cross member of the frame. The front is much easier to look at then the rear. Do I like it? Maybe if more thought to design was put into it. Should it have been done? It’s his or her car, so if they like it, good for them. For the other commenters here. Most of you probably have chrome doodads and tacky wheels or horrible interior bits on your cars. And if someone talked crap about your choices you’d feel hurt. Our hobby should be more inviting. Remember what mother said, ” if you can’t say something nice, shut the #*@$ up,!”…

  6. To Add to Scott’s pertinent comments, I give Thumbs up for the courage in attempting such a radical make-over. I’d Rather drive This than the underpowered miata or soltice🤔. I Luv the rear pipes doubling for the bumper😜I’d go even further with a Z06 version🤟🏼.

  7. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder but in this case it is just plain ugly! IMHO. I would be curious as to how this affects the handling and the 50-50 weight ratio? Probably faster in a straight line due to the weight loss!

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