[VIDEO] The Valarra is an Insane C6 Corvette Widebody Kit


[VIDEO] The Valarra is an Insane C6 Corvette Widebody Kit

Photo Credit: ValarraVette / Instagram

While we’re definitely in love with the new mid-engine Corvette, there’s a part of us that wishes General Motors had gone even wilder with the design.

Wilder, as in this Valarra kit car that was unveiled at the recent SEMA show.

This unique body kit is the brainchild of a Florida designer named Matthew Mcentegart of Mattao Concepts.

All you have to do is provide a C6 Corvette, and Mattao Concepts will do the rough install at its facility in Florida. You’ll still need to do bodywork and paint, however.

“Fabricated with high-quality parts, each kit contains all you need (including interior) for a complete transformation,” the company says.


Photo Credit: ValarraVette / Instagram

We think the price is reasonable at under $30,000 (before options), including the rough install of the carbon-fiber-reinforced plastic body on your C6, along with a performance wheel and Pirelli P Zero Nero tire installation. Those tires, by the way, are gigantic 24-inchers – 275/25 R24 in the front and 405/25 R24 in the back. Of course, you can always pay more for other options/add-ons – things like Performance, Rim/Tire, Carbon Chop, and more.

Installs are slated to begin in Florida after the first of the year, and the company says it will be taking preorders shortly for the first year of production. Right now, no kits will be sold for home install, and the only installs allowed outside of the Valarra facility will have to be by an approved vendor or shop.

By the way, Mcentegart isn’t a Johnny-come-lately to the affordable custom car design business. The Vaydor exotic body kit that was featured as the Joker’s car in the Suicide Squad movie is his work.

We don’t really know how to describe this car, other than it’s “sick,” as my 12-year-old son put it when he walked into my office while I was writing this story and was awestruck by the photos of the Valarra.

And as the company’s website boasts, “His attention to detail and forward-thinking makes (the Valarra) second to none, letting you stand out no matter where you are.”

Owners would definitely be the talk of the town driving a Valarra to the Kroger, huh? No word on how many grocery bags or golf bags will fit in the car, however.

Valarra and musclecarsandtrucks.com

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  1. Forget the mid engine. The C8 should have been something badass like this! I would have been the first in line to buy one.

  2. the front is way too busy including the wheel rims.the rear looks like hell.stay with the standard car.

  3. This is utterly hilarious. I am doing a full body modification on a Corvette c4. I’ve been working on it for 4 years And I’m using the same headlights. They don’t say it here but those are the headlights off of a Hyundai Kona. That crappy little crossover SUV. I only know because I’m using the same lights.

  4. I don’t want to be insulting to the creators, but that looks horrible. The front end is all over the place, and it looks like a donk with those giant wheels. No wheel clearance for any real world driving.

  5. The guy that designed this, must be the same guy that came up with the C7’s rear end with the bizarre tail lights

  6. The rear opening is missing the parachute. How about some wheelie bars on the back too. Why do American car makers try and see how many horizontal lines they can add to a sports car like the c7 Corvette? All it does is make it look cheap. Take a look at the Ferrari and Lamborghini cars, less is actually better.

  7. Honda used the same nose on the new CR-V. The back end fell off and lots of luck locating replacement tires after these on are burned away. All in all, it’s ipecac on wheels. I don’t mean to piss on a guy’s efforts, but try again.

  8. This kit is ugly as fuck. Vettes are junk and this just made it worse. By far one of the ugliest builds I’ve ever seen.

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