This C4 Corvette is Dressed Up to Look Like a Dodge Viper


This C4 Corvette is Dressed Up to Look Like a Dodge Viper

If you’re a Corvette enthusiast who has always wanted a Viper, too, boy, have we got just the car for you!

According to an Instagram post by 1320video, some enterprising individual has taken the inner workings of a C4 Corvette, including the gee-whiz, space-age instrument panel, and surrounded it with the yellow body of a first-generation Viper.

Really. Who thinks this stuff up?

On the other hand, if a fancy new C8 is out of your pocketbook range, this hybrid sports car – which Auto Evolution wonders whether it should be termed a “Vipvette” or a “Corviper” – can be yours for just $8,000. And in our opinion, it looks pretty slick, too.

And the price is not too bad considering the cheapest real Viper from the early 1990s that we were able to find on the internet today will set you back about $28,000, and most were hanging in the low to mid-30s.

The best part about this Corviper (our preference) is that most people will be impressed and think you’ve suddenly come into money. All the while, you’ll know the real truth while also knowing you can still afford a tank of gas and a fancy date with your impressionable girlfriend.

Maybe she’ll never notice the difference if you don’t tell her. Just make sure her Flo’s Filet is cooked to her liking, and the baked potato is hot with all the trimmings.

1320video / Instagram

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  1. What a waste, one of the ugliest cars ever. Who ever did this needs an ass beating. Some people should be kept away from well everything.

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