[PICS] 2020 Corvette Stingray on Anrky’s AN10 SeriesONE Polished Wheels


[PICS] 2020 Corvette Stingray on Anrky's AN10 SeriesONE Polished Wheels

Photo Credit: Anrky Wheels / Instagram

For you lovers of bright wheels, among which I count myself, check out these great looking wheeks from Anrky Wheels on a Torch Red 2020 Corvette Stingray.

It seems like black wheels have been dominating Corvettes since the early C7 models and there are choices for brightening up your wheels on the C8 Corvette with either the base Silver open-spoke wheels or the Bright Trident wheels. But for the first time in forever, Chevrolet isn’t offering a chrome wheel option for the model and so owners will be turning to the aftermarket to get their bling on.

[PICS] 2020 Corvette Stingray on Anrky's AN10 SeriesONE Polished Wheels

We found these gorgeous photos posted to instagram from @anrkywheels and Miami’s @wheelsboutique. So here’s your custom wheel fix perfect for #WheelsWednesday!

The 2020 Corvette Stingray is now running on 20 and 21-inch AN10 SeriesONE Monoblock wheels from Anrky. The wheels are mirror polished with clear and wrapped in Michelin’s Pilot Sport 4S summer tires. The design is somewhat familiar and reminds us of the C7 Corvette’s Z06 wheels, but they are their own design and not replicas.

[PICS] 2020 Corvette Stingray on Anrky's AN10 SeriesONE Polished Wheels

So now that you’ve seen a 2020 Corvette Stingray with bright wheels, does your opinion change at all? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below.

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  1. I LOVE them! If I had a C8 ordered, I would have a set of those wheels waiting for the car to be delivered.
    I am really getting tired of black wheels, they seems to be the “trendy” thing, since the C7’s showed. Not too long ago, I saw a picture of two C7’s parked next to each other. It was a sunny day, and both cars were Laguna Blue. One car had black wheels , the other had polished silver wheels. The silver wheels, REALLY made that Laguna Blue color “pop”. Where as the black wheels seem to dull down the color so much.

  2. Jeff Butler, silver and chrome wheels have been done to death! That’s why black wheels have become so popular. Plus they don’t require as much detailing as silver or chrome wheels. Only certain colors go well with silver or chrome wheels, but black wheels pretty much match with any color.

  3. Absolutly breath taking I have chrome wheels on my 2016 torch red ZO6 convertible

  4. I’m sooo tired of black wheels. The never look clean. It’s like wearing beat up tennis shoes with the tuxedo. No matter how much you try to make it look trendy, it’s just plain ugly.

  5. I have both and I think if really depends on the color. My Shark Grey ‘15 has black and I don’t think bright chrome would get the same effect. On the other hand, my Torch Red has the bright chrome and a black wheel on that color would detract from the appearance. Just my opinion.

  6. The OE wheel designs on the C8 are terrible. Whoever did the styling should be fired. We need better, and a chrome option as well. Black wheels look dirty, like the car needs to be washed. GM is missing out on thousands of extra dollars by not offering better choices. The Corvette team claims to “know their customers.” Wrong.

  7. nice I love chrome wheels. nothing looks better now try a render with the front and rear black areas in chrome. I am old to me black just don’t look as good as chrome .take a vote same car side by side both wheels and the winner is ????? .

  8. If you have a C8 on order or have one and don’t like what’s on the vette, then spend the money on what you prefer and stop criticizing what other people want or like.

  9. The C8 needs bright wheels period. These wheels are nice to say the least , but I would rather see stock 19 in and 20 inch sizes and on a correct height vehicle, not a lowered one.


  11. High polished luster like the car itself or rattle can black, we are all free to chose. Since the muscle car 60’s, chrome or polished wheels were the finishing touch that made the car. Black wheels that barely show up in low light make a statement. I’m just not sure what that statement is.

  12. I love the bright wheels! I just cannot get into black wheels. Black wheels in my opinion do NOTHING positive for any vehicle let alone the Corvette. I can’t wait for that fad to end.

  13. I have polished wheels on my C7, wouldn’t consider black. Black is the perfect color for painted steel wheels under hubcaps! Those Anarky Wheels are beautiful.

  14. Chrome wheels are beautiful, but I am so tired of cleaning them since I drive my car daily. If I had carbon ceramic break pads maybe I would still choose the polished wheels, but as that is currently not an option, I will go with black wheels, red calipers on a black car.

  15. Silver, chrome, black and white go with all colors, but chrome brightens any color and you can see the details of the rim. Sure there’s more up keep with silver, chrome or white but I take pride in my Corvettes and cleaning them, including the rims, makes me happy. Black does deaden any color and most people don’t keep them clean which leads to a dirty or flat looking rim color. A black center with chrome or polished rim looks great but you must keep them clean. Lastly a solid black rim also detracts from the tire, you look at it and first thing I see and think (from a minor distance, say 20 feet), where does the tire end and the rim begin? As a side note, if and when I get a C8 I will opt for the body colored trim on the side scoop. The pic above looks beautiful except for the side scoop.

  16. For 10k they’re nicer rims out there than those rims. Never owned a car with chrome(polished) rims and never will. Nothing is worst then a C7-C4 with chrome bits added all over the car and under the hood. GM already said Chrome rims aren’t happening with the C8.

  17. While I have a C8 on order, who knows if my 1100 code will ever develop into anything else thanks to the popularity of the Corvette. Whether or not the C8 becomes mundane by the end of the 3rd year is a matter or wait and see. For now the car is a grand slam home run. As to wheels, all my life, staring in the early ’60’s, when I first laid eyes on 15″ Crager’s that were a prettier version of Torque Thrust wheels, I thought that chrome was the ultimate way to treat one’s car. Just a few years ago, I started to see black rims all over Ferrari and Lambo and some McClaren. Then my friend took his stock Ferrari rims that came in silver and painted them black. I actually didn’t like them. After I studied the history of all the rims on Porsche and found out about the Fuchs rims and the reasons for their look, I decided that chrome wasn’t the be all and end all. Yet they still dress up some cars like nothing else. Rapid blue looks good in silver, black or chrome. Probably not very good in gold. When chrome low riders started going to tw0-tone gold and silver I thought they were over the top gaudy. I didn’t realize that the C-7 started the black rim craze. I will say that the development of carbon fiber wheels that can work with lightened brakes can make the four corners very light for enhanced handling look so good to me, mainly because of their increased performance on the car. That said, some cars can look good or at least look better with chrome and others not. Black is to remind one of the sinister side of a car that means business and says, “I’m not here to woo you or whoa you; I’m here to kick a_ _ and really don’t care if I take names or not. Depending upon the placement of the black accents on the C8, black wheels combined with big black quad exhaust tips look totally the business. My theory is that GM and Corvette already have exhaust tip designs in the hopper and the baddest of the cars will have carbon wheels and either black tips or black carbon fiber to match, down the road. The car will be a very serious Z01, if the Z06 doesn’t get them first. AF

  18. I am proudly an ol’ school chrome wheels enthusiast. I’ve seen a number of stunning Corvettes on which the blackened wheels that have become so fashionable in recent years have looked like they were the perfect choice.
    HOWEVER, when I see sparkling chrome wheels on such vehicles… they seem to complete the image even more beautifully than any blackened or matte-finish wheels ever could. I cannot deny the fashion statement that blackened wheels can make… but for me, chrome will always be my preference…
    There’s room out there for every look an’ every taste… but give me the sparkling chrome ~ every time.

  19. Hey, you like Chrome, you get Chrome.
    You like Black, you get Black.
    As my father used to say,” Some people
    like ketchup in their coffee”.
    Do what pleases you.

  20. Chrome or go home!!! Black wheels make the vehicle look like an Amish buggy(all due respect to the Amish) If there won’t be a “chrome wheel option” by the time I get my C8 Z06 I definitely will remember these beautiful Anrky Wheels!

  21. I love the Z06 chrome wheels on the C8. I put them on my C7 and I will be putting them on my C8 we need arrives

  22. Wheels make the car and these wheels make the Corvette. Time for the black wheels to leave the scene.
    Chrome wheels are the best.

  23. Chrome wheels look tacky on any car made after 1970. I’m glad they are no longer an option. Ugly on the C8.

  24. Chris, right on! The older demographic on this forum with the never ending obsession for chrome wheels are holding back the Corvette from being embraced by a younger generation. Chrome wheels make no sense whatsoever today. There is zero chrome trim on a Corvette that would match a chrome wheel option. There is absolutely nothing sporty about chrome wheels on a sports car. Chrome wheels looked good on cars from the 50’s to the early 70’s, once painted plastic bumpers and trim came in it meant the end of chrome wheels.

  25. My ’07 Z06 had painted silver wheels standard, but optional polished (with a clear-coat), black, and chrome for extra cost. Wheel finish is an easy option for GM to offer and charge for it, have to wonder why they don’t still do it.

  26. Ok, let’s stop with the labels. The millenials grew up with the transformer look. I get it. So buy your black wheels and non metallic paint colors. I don’t care. Just don’t let it make you gerontophobic. We boomers are car guys too. We like the clean look and sparkle of chrome. We like paint that pops in the sunlight. If that bothers you, go see a shrink.

    If there is any blame to be laid here, it is GM for not offering a wheel that appeals to a substantial part of the C8 customer base. First the slap in the face by not offering a manual tranny. And then the limited wheel offering. At any rate we can all still enjoy the masterpiece of engineering in the C8.

  27. Shawn that was very rude of you! If you are lucky you will grow old like us and drive hot cars especially CORVETTES of all years!! I have always had hot ones and at least 1 Vette since I was 25 and all bought new!

  28. BJ Renaud, chrome wheels on any modern car looks outdated and ridiculous! Enjoy living in the past, because the future isn’t kind to those who refuse to evolve.

  29. I would like to see GM put wheels on the C8. If GM doesn’t re-open its manufacturing plants we won’t have C8’s to put chrome wheels on????

  30. Remember what looks hideous to you may not look hideous to another person. Again I think Anrky AN10 polished wheels on a C8 looks fantastic and I would put them on my C8. The only problem is I can’t imagine the company trying to sell each wheel for $2900. Who is going to lay out $12,000 for 4 car rims?

  31. Personally, I think chrome looks tacky, but, get what you like. I emailed an ANRKY rep and he assured me they don’t sell a chrome product. To your point, though, I agree completely. I am fortunate enough to have $12K to blow, but I’d NEVER part with that kind of cheese on a set of wheels…even as gorgeous as I think these AN10’s are.

  32. Actually the ANRKY Wheels are a polished alloy and not chrome. But then again I could never justify $12 grand for a set of rims.
    Are you a Boeing 767 dave ?

  33. Great. I was with Frontier then Continental then United
    I have a C8 convertible on order and I am 3000 on the build list.

  34. Nice. Delta. 35 years. Two and a half to go unless they change the age, again!

    Coupe on order but thinking I should have popped for the convertible!

  35. Philinhouston, just the fact that GM does not offer a chrome wheel option for the C8 tells me all I need to know! Even they think that chrome wheels look hideous and out of place on a C8!

  36. I’ve always liked chrome, silver, or machined wheels, however black wheels can look good on a black Darth Vader car or a white car. The down-side to black wheels in my opinion is that the wheels detail’s get lost because the tires are also black and the fender inner skirts are black. The wheels are in affect camouflaged.

  37. Philinhouston, those are polished not chrome! And those wheels in black or matte black would look even better on that C8!

  38. Jerry Zeits, incorrect! Chrome wheels do not make any Corvette look good. They look completely out of place, mostly because there is zero chrome trim on any modern Corvette. Black wheels on the other hand go well with blue, black, red, gray, yellow, silver, and especially white! I’m glad GM got rid of the chrome wheel option on the C8!

  39. I don’t feel GM should have made the choice. They should have offered chrome wheels as an option. If you want black or whatever, that’s your choice. I also am waiting for my C8. I am am at status 3000. Maybe someday my car will be here. Now I am looking for chrome wheels for the C8. Now I’ll have to pay someone to take off the factor wheel and put on the chrome wheels. Not too thrilled about anyone touching my car.

  40. I put chrome ZO6 chrome wheels on my C7 and it looks fantastic. I ordered my C8 red convertible and will be putting chrome or polished wheels on it. (My status is also 3000)

  41. Nancy, Make sure you stay with your C-8 when they change your wheels . The chrome wheels will look great! Rich Z

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