Are We Going to See Any Exclusive Colors for the C8 Corvette Z06?


Are We Going to See Any Exclusive Colors for the C8 Corvette Z06?

The eighth-generation Corvette Z06, the biggest car reveal of the year, is just under two weeks out. It seems like it’s been an eternity since America’s Favorite Sports Car officially went mid-engined on 7/18/19. Since that date, loyal fans of the Crossed Flags have waited with bated breath to see what is next. The base car’s performance is so brutal that it made everyone wonder what Chevrolet had up their respective sleeve for the hard-core “Z” variants. Here at CorvetteBlogger, we have followed C8Z development like a kettle of hawks. Spy shots, rumors, speculation; we’ve been neck-deep in it! Now, with the day finally approaching, we have one final question (for now, at least). Will the Z06 finally get some exclusive colors added to its paint palette?

An increasingly popular trend in the automotive manufacturing landscape is reserving a handful of unique exterior colors for the models/trim levels at the top of your range. Porsche has been doing this with its RS variants for decades with memorable colors like Pure Orange, Ultraviolet, and Lizard Green. It isn’t just high-end OEMs like Porsche doing this, though. Toyota has employed its own limited paint strategy to keep its aging truck and SUV lineup fresh, with outstanding results. Each year, Japan’s largest automaker releases a couple of interesting or high-impact hues that can only be had by selecting their top-shelf, off-road-focused TRD Pro trim-level for your Tacoma, 4Runner, Tundra, or Sequoia (Army Green, Quicksand, Inferno, Voodoo, all incredible!).

Since its debut as a stand-alone model in 2001, the Corvette Z06, Chevrolet’s most pure sports car, has leaned the other direction, and that is a real shame! During its first year on sale, the C5 Z06 was only available in five of the base ‘Vette’s nine exterior colors (just imagine how cool and rare a Dark Bowling Green Metallic Z would be today!). The Z’s tendency for a limited palette continued through the rest of the C5’s run in 2004. The C6 version picked up right where its predecessor left off when it debuted for the 2006 model year with Arctic White and Monterey Red noticeably absent from the LS7 monster’s order guide. It wasn’t until 2010 that Z06 buyers were given access to every single color choice that regular Corvette customers had always enjoyed.

It took nearly a decade of rip-snorting Z06 production for the color pendulum to swing to neutral from its long stint in negative territory. Now, 13-years later, we believe the time is right for the size of the paint section of the Z’s order guide to surpass that of the base Stingray. The great thing is that General Motors already has a gaggle of shades that would both look incredible on the Z and do a good job of differentiating it at cars and coffee events across the nation (and the world).

Here are a few of our suggestions:

Pewter Metallic

Since we’ve been talking about C5s, I will start with a C5 color that has been “remixed” for the new Blazer RS. The color in question is Pewter Metallic, and while I’m no fan of the original, the new version is about as close as GM has to one of the hottest colors in the industry; Nardo Gray. This low-key special paint would bring a lot of the same cool, new-age, stealth energy of Toyota’s Lunar Rock TRD color to a supercar that many feel is plenty flashy already but don’t want one of the overworked grayscale paints!

Blazer in Pewter Metallic

Photo Credit: Chevrolet

Next, it is time to let the C8Z’s hair down with some fittingly exotic colors!

Krypton Green/Acid Green

We’ve covered both of these colors before (here and here), and the fact remains that Acid is a Porsche hue, but we stand beside our statement that a Lamborghini-style green is the color that the C8 (especially the upcoming hotter variants) needs! While we are on the topic of green paint, we are also intrigued by the CT5-V Blackwing’s new (and limited) Dark Emerald Frost, but would rather see a bright green hit the market first, even if it is just for one year.

Camaro in Krypton Green

Photo Credit: Chevrolet

Corvette Racing Yellow

Does anyone else find it strange that you can’t get a C8 in the same color as the more famous of the two C8.Rs? This recently discontinued color needs to book a reunion tour on the car that shares the racecar’s engine! We understand what Chevy was going for with Accelerate Yellow (read #2 on this list), but the ‘Vette needs a true yellow option too!

Corvette Racing Yellow

Photo Credit: Chevrolet

People Eater Purple

Now, I am a huge fan of Chevrolet’s rich and classy purple paints with Black Rose, Dark Cherry, and Alchemy Purple are among my top choices on their respective vehicles, but the C8Z needs a shoutier Purple. And why should Dodge have all of the fun with their paint names? One of the most famous Corvette racers in history warrants its own namesake bright royal purple!

Purple People Eater

Photo Credit: Carlisle Events


To answer the question posed in the title of this piece, it is the official stance of CorvetteBlogger that the odds of the Z06 gaining any exclusive colors is doubtful, at best. But, it doesn’t hurt to get the ball rolling. If this idea takes hold of enough minds, it could realistically come to fruition by 2024 or ’25. So, spread the word Corvette Nation; the upcoming trim level of our favorite car deserves some differentiating visual options, and a couple of paints to call its own is the best way to achieve that goal. When you look at the current palette, what glaring omissions do you see? Sound off in the comment section, and maybe Tadge and Co. will end up catching wind of your thoughts!

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  1. I have a Black Rose Metallic C7 Z06 and I would probably choose that for the C8 Z06 above any of the stock colors. Another option I’d like to see is something like Night Race Blue Metallic like I had on my C7 Z51. Nothing in the current color lineup excites me at all, and may actually make me wait till the next model year to see what’s on offer then.

  2. Not a fan of pewter? – I have a 2000 Light Pewter Metallic and I love it. Looks great in the sun and simply doesn’t show dirt. But I’m surprised it was suggested, it doesn’t seem exotic enough. My choice would be a green, a color sorely missing from the lineup for years except 2014. The metallic black also only appeared in the centennial edition, returning to it for the 70th Anniversary would be appropriate.

  3. I like any colour as long as it’s Red
    I’ve owned Corvettes since the late sixties and all were some form of Red, from Torch Red to Burgundy.

  4. Shadow Gray got replaced by Hypersonic Gray, which is lighter. I would have preferred it going darker Charcoal. (Check out the Lexus LC500 colors.)
    Black Diamond would be a second choice.

  5. For the Z06 they need high impact colors. Colors that stand out from the crowd and garner attention. GM has been way too conservative at times with the Corvette color pallet. The C7 and C8 definitely introduced more visible colors like Sebring Orange, Accelerate Yellow, and Rapid Blue.

  6. I am all for some nasty, obnoxious shades of purple, green, and some sort of electric blue. I have seen most of the current Stingray shades on all sorts of vehicles to include SUVs. I had a yellow C3 and loved it. No offense to anyone on here, but accelerate yellow is the color I would least likely choose. I would take the Zeus or caffeine over the new yellow. We need some colors that say “exotic” and not “granny’s suv” that are exclusive to the Z and beyond.

  7. What about special order colors like was Done for C3 Some Were delivered
    in primer. My C3 was one of them.
    Porsches been doing special order for years, but they pay for it$$$$ New Z06 on order.No color choice yet. Stingray 1st on its way for my collection

  8. I like all of the colors you mentioned except for Pewter Metallic. I would never want a Corvette in that color because it’s too plain looking and boring in my opinion. I think Aqua Blue would be a great Corvette color.

  9. Satin black would be sexy as hell when I decide to order my E-Ray, if not I will just wrap it Satin Black – Done!

  10. Like I have said before if you have ever seen wrapped cars in any color that is “CHROME” you know that makes the color “POP” the most it is possible to make it stand out. So why not make the Z06 “STAND OUT” the most that is possible. Make every color available with an extra cost chrome option.

  11. Does anyone remember the Gold color on the 66 GTO.
    I’ve recently seen some very nice and rich-looking gold on
    some vehicles but I really don’t know what cars they were.

    That’s what I’d like to see, especially with a lot of metallic in it!

  12. My ‘58 was light blue metallic and would look good on the C8, with an appropriate dark blue interior. The bodywork shouts menacing already, no need to amplify for my taste.

  13. I concur with Jonathan, I’d love to see either Black Rose or Dark Cherry return as a Z06 exclusive. The really dark shades IMHO add an “elegance” to the Vette. The truly bright or “neon” colors make a dramatic visual impact but, I’m not sure I could live with them long term.

  14. For me 2014 lime rock green with a twist lighten it up or make it darker with a gold or silver base and throw lots of pearl in . Or do the same with a candy apple green .Tired of same of colors.

  15. Im a huge fan of Candy Purple or Fuschia. A Deep Royal Blue metallic or pearl Blue would be amazing also. We need custom colors, smoother lines over the hood and remove the fender line for Z06 and wider side intake. Just copy the GTLM car add turn signals and perfect. Also vertical doors pls.

  16. Bright Royal Purple Pearl Please. Or Mystic Lavender Pearl. Aqua Blue or LeMans Blue.

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