Sebring Orange and Zeus Bronze Are No Longer Available for 2021 Corvette Orders


Sebring Orange and Zeus Bronze Are No Longer Available for 2021 Corvette Orders

Photo Credit: Jeremy Welborn

Earlier this year we learned that Sebring Orange, Zeus Bronze, and Shadow Gray would be ending their runs as exterior colors on the C8 Corvette. Today, Chevrolet made it official by placing two of those three colors on national constraint with zero availabilities for the rest of 2021 model year production.

GM had told dealers that the final order dates for Sebring Orange and Zeus Bronze would be 4/29 while fans of Shadow Gray have one more month to get their orders placed by the 5/27 deadline. In a memo to dealers today, the Orange and Brown exteriors have officially ended with no more orders available.

Zeus Bronze 2020 Corvette

Photo Credit: Keith Cornett

If you have a 2021 Corvette order already placed within your dealer’s allocation, the car in your chosen color will be built. If you have an initial order still waiting to be placed within allocation, your dealer will reach out to you to ask for a different color selection.

Also on a national constraint is the dealer-installed LPO RZ9 – Visible Carbon Fiber Grille Inserts.

Visible Carbon Fiber Grille Inserts

Photo Credit: Chevrolet

Back in February, we came across the three new color names and RPO codes through two different European Corvette dealers that appear to confirm that Chevrolet will be replacing those retired 2021 colors with new shades of Orange, Brown, and Gray on the 2022 Corvette order forms. The new colors are Amplify Orange Tintcoat (GC5), Caffeine Brown Metallic (G48), and Hypersonic Gray Metallic (GA7). These are the internal GM names and we expect the Corvette Team to rename them for marketing purposes.

With the NCM Bash coming up next week, we are hoping to see some examples of these new colors at the event.


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  1. I have not seen the new orange but, they’re going to have a hard time bettering the old one. I saw it at an invitation-only viewing at a dealership and was hooked. It was spectacular.
    We’ll have to wait and see if it’s “new and improved.”

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