[VIDEO] Lingenfelter Partners with CORSA to Create ‘The Best C8 Corvette Exhaust on the Market’


[VIDEO] Lingenfelter Partners with CORSA to Create 'The Best C8 Corvette Exhaust on the Market'

The aftermarket for America’s mid-engine sweetheart just keeps on growing! A pair of our favorite Corvette-adjacent companies have officially gone public with their relationship, and the fruits of their partnership “sound” promising!

The famed Corvette tuners at Lingenfelter Performance Engineering have added a new C8-specific exhaust system to their immense catalog of parts. The full stainless-steel system, which has been dubbed “Extreme-S” was engineered in partnership with CORSA Performance.

LPE and CORSA were able to integrate the C8’s stock 4-valve system for a maximum level of sound customization through the factory exhaust controls. Along with better sound, the system will push your Stingray into 500 HP territory! Rear-wheel horsepower is said to improve by 19 and torque at the wheels sees a similar 15 lb-ft gain.

Lingenfelter/CORSA Extreme-S Exhaust System

Even more important to most owners is the fact that the Lingenfelter/CORSA system integrates to the factory ECM without throwing any codes. It also saves 13 lbs. over the OEM exhaust, is legal in all 50 states, and comes with a lifetime warranty for the original owner. As with all CORSA systems, buyers of the Extreme-S will notice a lack of annoying drone at cruising speed and their LT2 will wake up with improved breathing. The 4.5-inch black chrome tips are the only finish currently available and each one comes laser-etched with the LPE logo.

If you are one of the lucky few that has taken delivery of a C8, picking up the LPE/CORSA Extreme-S exhaust and the 19 horses that come with it will put you back $3,599.00. That is an early-bird savings of $300.99 compared to the MSRP of $3,899.99. Get yours today!

Lingenfelter Performance Engineering

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