[VIDEO] 16 C8 Corvettes Go For a Cruise Together Up Palomar Mountain


[VIDEO] 16 C8 Corvettes Go For a Cruise Together Up Palomar Mountain

Photo Credit: bullseyeadept / CorvetteForum

Members of the San Diego Corvette Club and a Southern California C8 Facebook page got together to go for a drive up Palomar Mountain. Pictures and video from the day trip are impressive as we see a total of 16 C8 Corvettes along for the ride. With so many cars together in one place, we have a great opportunity to see all the different colors and models from the 2020 and 2021 model years.

The video is pretty chill with no talking at all during the nearly 10-minute video, so I’ll follow their lead and shut up myself so you can get on with watching it.

From Adept Corvette via YouTube:

16 C8 Corvette’s Drive-up Palomar Mountain April 2021. C8 Corvette Southern California did a meet and drive up Palomar Mountain. If you live in SOCAL and have a C8 please join us!


Adept Corvette / YouTube

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