[STOLEN] Two People Arrested After a Stolen C7 Corvette is Recovered in Florida


[STOLEN] Two People Arrested After a Stolen C7 Corvette is Recovered in Florida

Photo Credit: Okaloosa County Sheriff’s Office

An alert off-duty lawman in Crestview, Fla., spotted a stolen C7 Corvette on Wednesday, leading to the arrest of the man and woman inside the car.

The Okaloosa County Sheriff’s Office deputy pulled over the blue Stingray on an access road behind the Burger King in Crestview near I-10 in northwest Florida.

Then Crestview Police Department drug dog “K-9 Sonic” checked out the Corvette and alerted to the odor of controlled substances, with a subsequent search locating methamphetamine and drug paraphernalia.

Now, Brandon Pursley, 24, of Crestview and Amber Barrow, 25, face charges of grand theft of a motor vehicle and possession of a controlled substance. Pursley was also charged with driving with a revoked driver’s license.


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  1. Good thing it was in Florida where stealing a car is still a crime. If it was NYC big bird would send the owner a bill for bed and breakfast for the poor misguided meth heads

  2. Big Bird would have also given the meth heads new cell phones, donut gift cards, and free baseball tickets.

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