[STOLEN] 1963 Corvette Recovered After Theft from California Auto Shop


[STOLEN] 1963 Corvette Recovered After Theft from California Auto Shop

Photo Credits: Judith Odbert

Corvettes create a strong emotional bond for their owners, but especially when it’s like the one that belonged to a California woman’s late father.

The 1963 Corvette convertible had been customized by Judith Odbert’s late father Jack several years ago but it was stolen from a Carmichael auto shop over the Labor Day weekend.

“It was just part of him. Everybody said, ‘That was the car that Jack built,’ ” Judith said.

Now she tells CBS13 News the good news that the car has been recovered by law enforcement officers along Connie Drive, not far from the scene of the crime.

The Mid-Year Stingray had been customized with flared fenders and racing flames on the hood and sides on top of pearl white paint.

As they got deeper into the investigation, officers grew hopeful when they learned that the car had been towed away from the body shop with a simple rope hooked to a beat-up sedan, leading them to surmise they might not get too far away.

[STOLEN] 1963 Corvette Recovered After Theft from California Body Shop

While the Corvette was still missing, Judith had issued a message to the thief: “I don’t care about you getting caught. I just want the vehicle back if you just put it somewhere where it can be seen.”

Fortunately, she got her wish, and the tangible connection to her father, who passed away several years ago, is back in her grasp.

“That was the one thing. You saw it, you thought your dad was still around,” she said.


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