[STOLEN] Theft of a 2020 Corvette Stingray in Tulsa Thwarted By Onstar


[STOLEN] Theft of a 2020 Corvette Stingray in Tulsa Thwarted By Onstar

Screenshot: newson6.com

Onstar had to shut off a 2020 Corvette twice to thwart persistent thieves who had made off with the new mid-engine sports car while the owner was sleeping inside his house.

“We’re lucky this didn’t end up on the highway, where they would have just done 200 miles an hour,” Tulsa Police Department Cpt. Richard Meulenberg said.

Police say the Torch Red Corvette was taken from 93rd and Jamestown, but Onstar located it near 71st and Yale and shut off the vehicle remotely. Officers ordered the suspects out of the Stingray, but apparently, it was still operable and they took off again.

During a short pursuit going north on Yale, one of the passengers, a female, jumped out of the car, suffering “some injuries,” according to a TPD Instagram post.

[STOLEN] Theft of a 2020 Corvette Stingray in Tulsa Thwarted By Onstar

The remaining two occupants (yes, somehow they had managed to get three passengers into a two-passenger sports car) drove a little bit further and bailed out of the car while it was rolling slowly. The Corvette then suffered minor damage when it rolled over a street sign.

Police then arrested one occupant at the Corvette and apprehended the other after a short chase that ended in a baseball field at LaFortune.

Weapons that did not belong to the vehicle owner were found inside the car, police said, noting that the investigation is still active.


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  1. How does one steal a modern car with all the alleged safeguards? There’s no key or keyhole that can be picked, you can’t just stick two random wires together like they do in the movies… Presumably they don’t have the key-fob.

  2. Maybe the key was in it. Owner asleep in his house, might have thought it okay and safe enough to leave the key there in garage? Pretty strange circumstances.

  3. Steve, Ronnie and Jeff all raise excellent questions. Hopefully On-Star can answer these questions. shutting the car down and/or putting it limp mode should help to thwart these thieves. Jeff may have hit on it: key in the car. sometimes keys slip out of pockets and fall to the floor or to the edges of the seats. Could this have happened? What form of disablement is available to On-Star when someone does steal the Corvette. Luckily the car was located by On-Star.

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