[PODCAST] CorvetteBlogger Talks C8 News, Rumors, and More on the Corvette Today Podcast


[PODCAST] CorvetteBlogger Talks C8 News, Rumors, and More on the Corvette Today Podcast

Photo Credit: Jeremy Welborn

Our friend Steve Garrett of the CORVETTE TODAY Podcast initially wanted us to come on his show to talk Corvette news and rumors one a month, but with so much info coming out of Bowling Green regarding 2020 Corvette production, as well as a bunch of C8 Corvette prototypes roaming around the high altitudes of Colorado, he wanted us back on the show to talks about the latest developments since our last appearance.

On this week’s edition of CORVETTE TODAY, Steve and I talk about the 2021 Visualizer coming online, production numbers of 2020 Corvettes from the plant, and the rumors surrounding an eAWD version of a future C8 model. Other topics include discussion of C8 Corvette prototypes testing in Colorado, as well as some fun stuff like Corvette Racing. Finally, we touch on some of the lighter side of news surrounding America’s favorite sports car!

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  1. The dealer ( Gordon Chev.) in Gardin City ,Mich. told me I’m not getting a 2020 after I stoped by . Had to get a hair cut before going to the V.A. after which I stoped by to check my statice. They got two in and that’s it . Mine was number three . I ordered it last August 2019 when I sold my 2016 to get a better price from the dealer. Guess I have wait , which is alright as long as everyone is safe during these times .

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