The 2021 Corvette Visualizer is Now Online


2021 Corvette Visualizer is Now Online

Good news for 2021 Corvette buyers!

We started hearing reports yesterday that Chevrolet’s 2021 Corvette Visualizer was up and running. This is the visualizer site that allows you to see all the colors and options on the car, and it’s not the build and price configurator at where you end up with an MSRP based on your build.

When we tried the visualizer yesterday, it wasn’t working at all for me at all, and today I am still have some issues with it when using the Google Chrome browser. (Update: Chrome seems to be working for me now.) Switching to the Microsoft Edge browser, I was able to change exterior colors and play with some of the options.

The top image shows Silver Flare Metallic on a Corvette Convertible, while below I have screengrabbed photos of the new Red Mist Metallic as well as the Strike Yellow/Sky Cool Gray interior.

2021 Corvette Visualizer is Now Online

2021 Corvette Visualizer is Now Online

To start visualizing your 2021 Corvette, visit Chevrolet’s 2021 Corvette Visualizer.

For additional reference, here is 2021 Corvette Pricing as well as the 2021 Corvette Order Guide.

The digital 3D visualizer was a huge success for Chevrolet when it was released with the reveal of the 2020 Corvette in July 2019. Within weeks, consumers had built more than 1 million virtual C8 Corvettes that allowed buyers to see all around and inside the car, and even play with lighting and other effects.


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  1. I have a question about a Corvette feature.
    When the Hell am I going to get my 2020 Convertible
    that I ordered over a year ago?

  2. That’s not a feature, it’s a bug… Keep contacting your dealer or the Corvette Concierge. If you are doing NCM delivery, call Shane or Lori. – Keith

  3. GM Authority announced today with the Visualizer release that the HIGH WING OPTION would again be offered for the 2021 C8 but the 2021 Corvette Order Form does not list anything specifically about a HIGH WING. What gives???

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