REPORT: Corvette Ties for Third in the Kogod ‘Made in America’ Auto Index


REPORT: Corvette Ties for Third in the Kogod Made in America Auto Index

Photo Credit: Chevrolet

In 2019, the C7 Corvette was the most American vehicle of the year.

With the switch to the mid-engine format for the 2020 mid-engine, though, the Stingray has dropped out of the top spot but still managed a tie for third place this year, according to the latest annual study by the Kogod School of Business at Washington’s American University.

The Ford Ranger, with 85 percent of its parts produced in the United States, moved into the No. 1 spot for 2020, slightly ahead of the automatic Chevrolet Camaro at 83 percent and the new Corvette (and Chevy Colorado and GMC Canyon pickups) all at 82 percent.

Overall, however, General Motors’ vehicles have more American content than any other manufacturer, with 70.6 percent of the parts and materials in its U.S.-assembled vehicles produced in America. When GM vehicles assembled in foreign countries are included, that figure dips to 58.2 percent, still higher than any other automaker.

GM dominated the top 10 list of vehicles, with the Cadillac CT4 and CT5 sedans tied with the Ford Explorer, Tesla Model Y, and Tesla Model S for fifth place at 77.5 percent domestic content. GM took every other spot in the top 10 – with the Cadillac XT4 rated sixth at 77 percent and the manual Camaro, Cadillac XT5, Cadillac XT6, and GMC Acadia tied for seventh at 76 percent.

Among foreign automakers, Honda led the way with 62.6 percent domestic content in American-made vehicles, while Volvo was last with just 30 percent.

“Looking at US content by brand illustrates the degree that manufacturers rely on U.S. production across their product lines,” the Kogod School of Business said in a press release. “When looking at average total domestic content (TDC) by manufacturers for cars assembled in the U.S., one finds a high of GM, Ford, and Fiat Chrysler at 65-70 percent and a low of BMW and Volvo at 33 and 30 percent, respectively.

Kogod School of Business via GM Authority

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