RUMOR: Electric All-Wheel-Drive Hybrid Coming to the C8 Corvette As Early As 2023


RUMOR: Electric All-Wheel-Drive Hybrid Coming to the C8 Corvette

Speculation has been rampant for years that the C8 Corvette would feature an electric version.

Now is reporting that it has exclusively reviewed documents indicating electric all-wheel-drive (eAWD) will be an option on the Stingray coupe and convertible versions as soon as the 2023 model year, though the pandemic may have slowed down the development enough that the feature may not arrive until 2024.

Either way, this is a game-changing move for the mid-engine Corvette, which is already capable of 0-60 times under 3 seconds. Imagine the added torque that would be provided by one or two electric motors providing juice to the front wheels.

“In theory, a Corvette with eAWD would be a hybrid,” reports. “That’s not how Chevy will market it. The feature will most certainly be performance-oriented.”

One drawback to the addition of electric motors is that the frunk would likely have to be used to hold a battery instead of its current role as storage.

This “electrifying” news for Corvette is no surprise since GM recently said future Corvette engineering has been merged into the EV & Autonomous Program, plus the fact that “silent” prototypes have already been spotted by journalists and enthusiasts in Michigan.

“We’re unsure how eAWD fits into an all-electric C8 Corvette,” writes. “It’s entirely possible the eAWD Corvette could move independently of the rear wheels and V8 engine… and in theory travel silently. They could be different cars entirely…or the same feature described by many people.”

The website also believes that GM’s Ultium Battery system will provide power for any electric or hybrid Corvette, which they believe would have a plug-in cord for recharging.

Despite being a track-oriented website, had previously shared tidbits of the mid-engine Corvette back in early 2019 showing the start-up animation that would appear on the 2020 Corvette.


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  1. AT the rate they are building MY2020 CARS, i may not get mine until 2023………and to those who say it’s not GM’s fault, damn right it’s GM/CHEVY’S fault
    3000 status since March 17th, 2020………..NO TPW YET

  2. I can’t wait to see a Corvette with an Alternative Fuel Vehicle license plate in the HOV lane. Prius owner’s heads will explode!

  3. The batteries will most likely be stored in the tunnel between the passengers; this is one reason that a manual isn’t offered, because the tunnel is structural. Plus, it’s safer storing batteries there

  4. “The Point” is a 3-dimensional, moving target. If you see the point as only one type of fuel/engine/race, you may get left behind. I’m not a super electric-car fan either, but many probably will be, so let’s just let them enjoy it. Overall, it makes the brand stronger.

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