[PICS] Lingenfelter Shows Off New C8 Corvette Wearing A Continental Tire Livery


[PICS] Lingenfelter Shows Off New C8 Corvette Wearing a Continental Tire Livery

Photo Credits: lingenfelter.com

One of the best aspects of the mid-engine C8 revolution is watching the robust aftermarket Corvette ecosystem bloom around us.

As I’ve always contended, any Silicon Valley developer weenie would love to work within such an enormous, established ecosystem like the one surrounding the Corvette. A loyal, rabid fan base with bank accounts to back up the enthusiasm, our community is a textbook example of a fertile marketplace that attracts the best automotive talent and investment.

And that brings us to this cool, kitted-out C8 in Continental Tire livery from one of our favorite Chevrolet gurus, Lingenfelter Performance.

[PICS] Lingenfelter Performance Shows Off New C8 Corvette Wearing a Continental Tire Livery

At first blush, this looks like little more than an orange and black wrap with matching wheels. All C8 Corvettes come from the factory with GM’s 6.2-liter V8 producing darn near 500hp, depending on which option boxes are ticked. Good enough for many Corvette fans, but when it comes to horsepower, more is always more.

The trick with tuners trying to unlock the LT2, is getting around GM’s Global B electronic architecture (with attendant security precautions) that’s standard on all C8s. To tuners of GM cars, the company says Global B architecture will be deployed on all the corporation’s offerings by 2023, so it’s time to bone up on this system.

[PICS] Lingenfelter Performance Shows Off New C8 Corvette Wearing a Continental Tire Livery

No computer code is uncrackable, but until the Corvette’s new electronic nervous system is deciphered, this new Lingenfelter/Continental C8 Corvette is simply eye candy. Hopefully, it will showcase Lingenfelter’s tuning toil soon.

Having said all that, if any entity can get around the hurdles of GM’s new electronic architecture, this Brighton, Michigan company should be a key player. On a personal note, I’ve had the opportunity of meeting Ken Lingenfelter several times. He is a consummate Corvette guy, easily approachable, and loves our hobby. So we say to Ken and his talented team at Lingenfelter Performance, we look forward to seeing what improvements can be coaxed out of Chevy’s new exotic sports car slayer. Alas, a debut date of any such Lingenfelter Corvette is unclear at this time.

[PICS] Lingenfelter Performance Shows Off New C8 Corvette Wearing a Continental Tire Livery

Nonetheless, we are in the heady days of springtime for the C8 Corvette. Who could ask for a bloomin’ better distraction?


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  1. Interesting move by Continental tire.

    Continental was displaced by Michelin in IMSA, so, just an opinion, this maybe a pay back, or retaliation of sorts; sponsor a major Corvette tuner in order to advertise your Non-OE tires on a C8.

    In terms of global tire sales, right now Michelin is number 1, Bridgestone number 2, Gdyr number 3, and Continental number 4. And Continental wants to displace Gdyr to become number 3.

    Lingenfelter didn’t do that kitted-out C8 in Continental tire livery for free, one can presume.
    Given Lingenfelter’s association with GM/Chevrolet/Corvette, and Michelin being OE on corvette, again, an opinion, must have been a big bucket of bucks.

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