[POLL] Who is Your Favorite Corvette Tuner?


Poll: Who is Your Favorite Corvette Tuner?

In honor of SEMA (Specialty Equipment Market Association) and all of the aftermarket insanity that it entails we wanted to poll our loyal readers about their go-to tuner when they want even more speed and power extracted from their Corvette?

There are a lot of choices out there and we can’t possibly include them all but we will narrow it down to the most well-known ones for your consideration.

We have to start with Callaway Cars. Reeves’ company based out of Old Lyme, CT isn’t just an aftermarket tuner, they also famously had their own option code on the GM order guide. Between 1987 and 1991, you could check the box for RPO B2K and your ‘Vette would be shipped to Callaway directly from Bowling Green for a Twin Turbo conversion. The B2K option also returned in 2012 to celebrate 25 years of partnership between Corvette and Callaway. They are known for their diverse projects throughout the years including previously mentioned Twin-Turbos, body kits, SuperNaturals, and most recently, the sublime Aerowagon. They are going to be hard to beat in this poll!

Ken Lingenfelter’s guys are always up for a challenge though. They bring variety to the table; no matter what GM car you drive, you can ship it to Decatur, IN and they most likely have a performance-enhancing package that will fit your needs and budget. The quickest accelerating car your author has ever seen, by a large margin, was a product of this incredible shop. Keep your eyes peeled for these weeks Quick Shifts for the full story about the car in question.

Poll: Who is Your Favorite Corvette Tuner?

Next up is the most controversial of all tuners, Hennessey. Bringing up the Texas tuning shop that has been “making fast cars faster since 1991” on any car forum can light a fire of strong opinions usually reserved for the politics section. Regardless of your feelings on these guys, they do churn out some impressive vehicles; including the Corvette-powered Venom GT which has been in the running for the title of World’s Fastest Car for years.

Those are certainly the “Big Three” of the ‘Vette tuning world but there are a couple of smaller shops out there doing outstanding work that need to be included. The first one is Katech who tunes customer Corvettes with the know-how they have built as the official engine supplier to Corvette Racing since the days of the C5.R. They offer a package for LT1 powered C7s that has to be the coolest thing on the market currently. The “Street Attack LT1” brings displacement up to the magic number of 427 cubic inches and produces incredible results. Horsepower is rated at 700, with torque coming in at 620 lb/ft and a 7,000 RPM redline. Unlike the packages from the other tuners, these numbers are achieved without any power-adders so no turbos, no supercharging, just big-bore power and all of the glorious throttle response that comes along with it! Check out their 427 LT1 video here (the first six minutes are the build process, a dyno run starts immediately afterwards and some breathtaking on-street action starts around 8:40, enjoy!

Poll: Who is Your Favorite Corvette Tuner?

Finally, we would be remiss if we didn’t include LMR or Late Model Racecraft who has been in the Corvette news a lot lately for their wicked-fast C7s. Their ZR1 has set the quarter-mile record numerous times in the past year+. They were responsible for the first C7 in the 9’s and the first one to run 7’s. They also hold the C7 World Record and lay claim to the fastest GEN 5 LT powered vehicle with their 7.55 second pass at 184 MPH! Coolest of all, their 1,200 HP, 5,500-mile 2019 ZR1 is up for grabs for $160,000; not bad for a 3ZR, ZTK whose rare Admiral Blue paint (only 51 ZR1s painted this color, the lowest production of any shade!) has undergone $4,500 worth of correction and protection on top of the $34,999.99 worth of performance mods. Check out the listing which includes a full list of the modifications and a video of it running 9-flat!

So, which tuner is your favorite, Corvette Nation?

Who is Your Favorite Corvette Tuner?

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  1. Katech. Every time. They supplied the racing engines for Corvette Racing before GM went in-house.

  2. I use JTM motorsports in Deerpark Long Island.. full stage 4 bolt ons, cam, ported blower, exhaust, pulled dyno numbers of 805/845. John’s ten is excellent. I would recommend to anyone on the east coast!

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