[VIDEO] Superformance Corvette Grand Sports Visit Jay Leno’s Garage


[VIDEO] Superformance Corvette Grand Sports Visit Jay Leno's Garage

Most Corvette fans know the story of the five 1963 Corvette Grand Sports, the factory built racers that Zora planned to homologate and then take on the world’s best GT cars at Le Mans, Sebring and Daytona. That plan never came to fruition due to the program being shut down by management to comply with the industry’s ban on supporting racing.

These Corvettes today sell upwards of $5 million or more and since most have fallen into the hands of long-term collectors, many enthusiasts pay tribute to the originals through re-creations like the GM-authorized Grand Sports from Superformance.

Superformance’s Lance Stander and Ken Lingenfelter of Lingenfelter Performance Engineering recently took two of the factory-authorized recreation Grand Sports to Jay Leno’s Garage for a walk-around with both representatives before hitting in the streets of California for a road test.

The cars are very customizable with both coupe and convertible bodies offered. Lingenfelter says that any of the GM crate engines can be fitted and pointed to the Red Grand Sport which has a 650-hp LT4 engine while the Blue Coupe is outfitted with an LS3 featuring some custom Lingenfelter parts to give a more period look.

One of the best parts about these Grand Sports is how they sound. From start-up to the test drive, you’re going to want to turn up the volume. As Ken says in the video, “if you’re a real car guy, it’s got to make noise!”

Check out the Superformance Grand Sport Corvettes powered by Lingenfelter on Jay Leno’s Garage:

Jay Leno’s Garage / YouTube

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