2020 Corvettes are Now Shipping from the Corvette Assembly Plant (Again!)


2020 Corvettes are Now Shipping from the Corvette Assembly Plant (Again!)

Photo Credit: Photo Credit: Dawn Marie Melhorn

Thanks to our friends at the MidEngineCorvetteForum.com, we’ve got two different confirmations that newly completed 2020 Corvettes are once again shipping from the Corvette Assembly Plant in Bowling Green

The shipping confirmation comes from the Jack Cooper Transport website. Owners can post their VIN into the search box and it returns the shipping manifest.

Yesterday, the National Corvette Museum received four new 2020 Corvettes while another shipping manifest shows 2020 Corvettes with VINs ranging from 2814 to 3354 heading to multiple Chevy dealers in the midwest.

Corvette Deliveries with Mike Furman

Thanks to some of the sleuths on the MECF, we also see a few CTF Convertibles heading up to the Detroit area:

2020 Corvettes are Now Shipping from the Corvette Assembly Plant (Again!)

This is great news for customers who have been “patiently” waiting for shipping of the new 2020 C8 Corvettes for the first time since the Corvette Assembly Plant reopened on May 26th after being closed for two months due to the coronavirus.

How to Track Your 2020 Corvette

CorvetteBlogger contributor Jeremy Welborn previously wrote this post on how to Track the Shipping of your C8 Corvette via Jack Cooper. To find the shipping status of your 2020 Corvette, go to https://www.palsapp.com/, then click on the search icon on the top right of the page (looks like a magnifying glass). Enter your VIN and click the search icon to the right of the input field.


Track the Shipping of Your C8 Corvette On the Jack Cooper Transport Website
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  1. I think the 2020 allotment has all been sold. May was the date to order a 2021. Wish I had an order to track:(

  2. There will be a certain number of 2020 c8’s (first year of the mid-engine, right?) for sale by dealers with allocation, if for some reason or another, a person ordering cancelled their order. I know that my C8 was built 02/20/2020. I now, thank you Corvette Blogger! very much, that my Vette left Bowling Green on trip #: 0150077003 and arrived in Kansas City PLNT, KS. at CPC Fairfax on March 18, 2020. It reached the dealer on April 1, 2020. For some reason, the depositor did not keep his reservation and the Corvette was serviced on April 1 & 2, 2020 & again on April 13 & 14, at Rydell Chevrolet, Northridge, Ca. As a result of not completing his purchase, the car went up for sale and was posted on the Internet on April 12. For some reason it did not sell that day and I was the first to put in my down payment and buy the car on April 13, 2020 at about noon, that day. Delivery taken afternoon of 4/14. As a result of this, I received my deposit from WIN Chevrolet a few days ago. That means there is one 2020 C8 Convertible, 3LT,Z51 in Blade Silver Metallic with interior Carbon package, magnetic ride control; front axle life and black/Sky Gray seats available to the first person who wants to put a deposit on it, at WIN Chevrolet, Carson. (Subject to possible prior sale. So rare is this car, that it is the only one in the entire 2020 as a convertible for WIN Chevrolet’s entire allocation. AF

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