Track the Shipping of Your C8 Corvette On the Jack Cooper Transport Website


Track the Shipping of Your C8 Corvette On the Jack Cooper Transport Website

Photo Credit: Dawn Marie Melhorn

Did you know that you can track the shipping of your C8 Corvette on the Jack Cooper Transport website?

Thanks to member ChiTownVetteTech, we have learned that it’s possible to track any Corvette by VIN during shipping. I just checked mine and the shipping status shows “Pending.”

Once you see your status, you can copy the Freight Build Number and search using that number to see all of the Corvettes that are on that particular manifest.

After your Corvette has been delivered, you can print a delivery receipt if you’d like one to keep.

To find the shipping status of your 2020 Corvette, go to, then click on the search icon on the top right of the page (looks like a magnifying glass). Enter your VIN and click the search icon to the right of the input field.

If you have a C7 Corvette, you can also pull the shipping report from when it was delivered to the dealer with your VIN, and the report is even available if you did the R8C Museum Delivery.


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  1. Not good enough, I want the truck driver to check in at every Rest Stop. If he could just call me or even text message is fine. Maybe we could FaceTime each night he spends over so I know where he is and that the car is safe. I wonder what the folks did in ‘53 and ‘54 did to stay in the loop, how did they survive the Anticipation???

  2. Do you know when they are shipping the new 2020 corvettes to dealers in Canada I have one on order and no one here has any info

  3. I put my vin # but shown
    “Vin number not found. The Unit may have been moved by another Carrier or not yet released to carrier.
    I’ll keep trying later.

  4. Does anyone know the first 9 digits of a VIN for a 2020 Z51 3LT Coupe? I have the last 8 digits but not the first 9. Thanks, Wayne

  5. They are different because they contain random digits and check-sums. I’ve tried using the front part of a friend’s C8 VIN with other sequence numbers and they just don’t work.

  6. Thanks Bruce. My TPW IS 02/24/2020. I hope to be able to track it soon. What was your build date?

  7. Bruce, Congratulations!! Looking like you may be driving your new C8 this weekend. Let us know what you think.

  8. I checked on the website & received my Trip# today.
    Looking forward to get mine soon😆

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