[SPIED] Three 2020 Corvettes Spotted on a Transporter in Florida


[SPIED] Three 2020 Corvettes Spotted on a Transporter in Florida

Photo Credits: Harry Franklin

A reader sent us these two photos yesterday showing several 2020 Corvettes wrapped in their shipping covers and sitting on a transporter down in the Venice, Florida area. Since the Assembly Plant shut down on March 20th, most of the Corvettes that were previously built have been sent to dealers or to the transportation hubs where they will be transferred to rail cars for the ride out west.

With these C8 Corvettes still in their original shipping covers, we speculate that they could be some of the limited pre-production VIN cars made available for customers (The VINs start with the sequence of 50 instead of the customer cars which start with 51) that were originally shipped to Warren, MI for storage. As these three Stingrays are on a mixed-transporter that contains a Chevrolet Equinox and a U-Haul Van, it is probably safe to say they didn’t come directly from the plant. However, we have heard the rumor that there is still a limited quantity of finished Corvettes parked at the plant, so we just don’t know for sure.

The pics come from Harry Franklin who spotted the cars in Venice, FL near Jenkins Chevrolet. Harry says he is not sure that they went to the dealership.

We know that Chevrolet uses Roush Engineering for testing and putting development miles on the cars and that the company’s Venice location spent much time testing the 2019 Corvette ZR1 prototypes in Florida as they made their way back and forth between Venice and Miami by traveling Alligator Alley. So these three cars could be headed there as we have seen that prototype testing appears to be back.

[SPIED] Three 2020 Corvettes Spotted on a Transporter in Florida

It’s been a couple of months since the first new 2020 Corvettes shipped out of Bowling Green and with the plant reopening this week, we hope that new Corvettes will be heading to dealers sooner rather than later. If you’re in the Venice area, keep your eyes peeled and let us know if you see an uptick in C8 Corvettes in the area.

Thanks for the pics, Harry!

We have another reader named Jack V. who spoke with Jenkins Chevy and he provides this update: “The corvettes spotted in Venice. Spoke to Jenkins chev friend yesterday and one of them went to Jenkins. They had no idea it was coming. It has a 50 vin series. Can’t say where the others went. We’ve heard from our dealers that the preproduction VIN cars just showing up randomly without any advance warning that they were being delivered.

Photo Credits: Harry Franklin

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