[PICS] C8 Corvettes Leaving the Assembly Plant on Transporters


[PICS] C8 Corvettes Leaving the Assembly Plant on Transporters

Photo Credit: Adam Ellison

When the C7 Corvettes began shipping from the factory in 2013, Chevrolet had come up with a new process in which the cars were covered with custom shipping cover to help protect them as they made their way from the factory to the dealership. We’ve been wondering if the next generation Corvettes would be wrapped and shipped similarly.

Now that the C8 Corvettes are public, our question has been answered as Chevrolet has begun using the auto transports to ship the new 2020 Corvette Stingrays in the same manner.

Our fried Adam Ellison captures these pics of a couple C8 Corvette Stingrays being transported from the factory.

[PICS] C8 Corvettes Leaving the Assembly Plant on Transporters

[PICS] C8 Corvettes Leaving the Assembly Plant on Transporters

[PICS] C8 Corvettes Leaving the Assembly Plant on Transporters

The C8s look to be using a similar fitted cover that contains a zipper on the driver’s side that allows the truck driver to unzip it to open the door, enter the car, and then back the it off the transporter. The cover has cut-outs for the rear exhaust so they don’t heat up the fabric as they are being driven off the trailers.

One of the rumors we heard a bit ago about the transports is how many C8s they will carry. Currently, there are 11 C7s on a full transporter but we heard that C8s will be shipping with 10 per transporter. Still waiting to get confirmation on that unsubstantiated rumor.

We also have these photos from our facebook friend Tim Fisher that also shows a transporter with both new C7 and C8 Corvettes on it. I see that one of these on the top is a ZR1 as well.

[PICS] C8 Corvettes Leaving the Assembly Plant on Transporters

It’s way too early for any customer cars so GM could be testing the shipping process with these C8s on the transporter. Also, GM uses Roush Engineering to test drive the cars for validation so these could be headed to a Roush facility.

Adam Ellison and Tim Fisher

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  1. I remember staying at a motel in BG and a transporter was parked across the street with new Vettes on it as we went to bed. When we got up it was gone. I had a Vette then and was getting a new one (2008?) Anyway I really wanted to go over, give them the keys to my Vette and drive away with a new one. I could dream couldn’t I?

  2. WOW Sending the New Corvette’s to Roush Engineering, Isn’t that like Sleeping with the Enemy? Jack Roush is a F-O-R-D – NASCAR kinda guy. Hmm Interesting.

  3. I’m shocked that the C8 does not appear to have more safety tech. Distronic Cruise. Emergency braking etc. my daughters Civic has more of these features than the C8

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