[ACCIDENT] 2020 Corvette Damaged After Striking a Deer on a Highway


[ACCIDENT] 2020 Corvette Damaged After Striking a Deer on a Highway

Photo Credit: Scott Wolfe / Facebook

Nearly 2 million vehicles collided with deer during one recent 12-month period, according to State Farm.

The owner of this black C8 Corvette just joined that dubious herd.

Check out the gruesome photos from a post on Facebook by the owner, Sam Markobrad, who had just bought the 2020 Corvette only a month ago from the original owner, his friend Scott Wolfe, who had himself enjoyed it for less than two months.

Markobrad reports that he didn’t have any room – or time – to avoid the collision with the big buck, who sprang from tall grass rising from a deep ravine next to a narrow three-foot-wide shoulder and leaped on his car.

The ensuing collision left the windshield smashed, the driver’s side mirror ripped off, some minor bodywork needing attention, and a damaged driver-side A-pillar that hopefully is structurally sound enough to be repaired.

Fortunately, the airbags didn’t deploy, saving a costly repair, but the car is just another in a growing list of C8s that have been involved in accidents in the first few months of their lives.

The sad part is that the repairs will eventually show up on Carfax, making it harder to sell this Corvette when the time comes (that is, without having to reduce the price, accordingly).

Be sure to look at the pre-collision photos of this black-on-black coupe, which is spiced up with its red seatbelts and brake calipers.

This collision reminds me of a similar one I had one night with a deer in 2014, when all of a sudden a deer slammed into the driver’s side of my ’97 Corvette, knocking the mirror loose and cracking the front fender. The sad part for me is that I swear I saw that deer’s pitiful face looking at me for a split second just before impact.

Scott Wolfe / Facebook

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  1. Nailed 2 myself,both times driving into work at night.Did manage to avoid a few.Just avoided 1 last week again.Now we have a bear in the area! Fortunately I wasnt driving 1 of my Vettes at the time.

  2. I would encourage everyone to mount animal whistles on the front of their cars. AKA “deer whistles”. They definitely work, I know from personal experience. Walmart carries them for a very reasonable price. Once you have them on your car, instead of the animals (any animal, not only deer) standing by the side of the road and you not knowing if they are going to jump in front of you, you will see the animals start to move away from the highway into the ditch or farther away from the hghway. Try them, you’ll like them.

  3. I read a statistic that stated in Georgia, 70,000 to 80,000 deer are killed by cars and trucks each year. Unfortunately, passengers in vehicles may be injured or killed, as well. This occurs on major interstate highways, as well as back roads. While the owner of this new C8 is probably very concerned about damage to his new Vette, he is still alive to talk about it. The dramatic slope of the windshield definitely helped to deflect the deer from entering the passenger compartment – which is never good!

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