[ACCIDENT] C7 Corvette Z06 Burns to the Ground During a Toronto Open Track Event


[ACCIDENT] C7 Corvette Z06 Burns to the Ground During a Toronto Open Track Event

Photo Credit: driving.ca

A return to the race track after months of COVID-19 lockdown turned into a nightmarish experience for the owner of this blue C7 Corvette Z06 last week.

One photo from the scene shows the Z06 ablaze next to the grandstand in the parking lot at Toronto Motorsports Park on Wednesday, then another photo shows the charred remains of the car – or what’s left of it. The wheels, frame, and engine are recognizable, but most of the remainder of the Z06 is gone.

Thankfully, the driver of the Corvette is safe and sound after being said to just be responsibly finishing up solo laps before the car caught fire.

A comment from the friend of the Corvette Z06 owner tells what caused the fire to start:

“Guys this is a buddy of mine. This has nothing to do with the other people. His meth tank in the trunk caught fire from the heat of the rear brakes. Even with insulation it got too hot. Just bad luck. He purchased racing insurance and got out of the car just in time. Please show some respect and don’t jump to conclusions.”

Apparently some of the other drivers weren’t as responsible in their behavior on the track, according to a post Friday on driving.ca. That website’s Alex Reid reported:

Several drivers pulled off unsafe passes and showed off other bad track etiquettes, and there was even a fistfight, which broke social distancing rules, obviously.

Shae Walker posted this complilation of the various “unsafe” incidents on Facebook:

Officials at the track finally had seen enough and issued this statement via Facebook:

We are now running a zero-tolerance policy. Break the rules you are done for the day. All open lapping will now be capped at 45 so pre-register if available or show up early.


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  1. What kind of track is this ? They are holding an event with no fire protection? There should have been at least a pick up truck, with fire extinguishers present at the event. unbelievable !!

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