[VIDEO] Chevrolet Service Bulletin Update for C6 Corvettes with the Navigation Clock Issue


[VIDEO] Chevrolet Service Bulletin Update for C6 Corvettes with the Navigation Clock Issue

Back in November 2019, we finally got instructions on how to fix those pesky C6 Corvettes with Navigation whose clocks suddenly quit displaying the time. That update came from our friend and Corvette service expert Paul Koerner who is a GM World Class Technician at Key Chevrolet in Middletown, CT.

While we heard that many of you were able to fix your Navigation’s Clock with that update, some owners were unable to do so. Chevrolet has issued a new Technical Service Bulletin (19-NA-26) that came out on May 18, 2020 that completely revises how to fix the clock’s display.

On Monday, Paul shared a video on his Facebook page detailing the new C6 Corvette Clock update. We suggest you watch the video and then read through the forum comments on his website post as many users are chiming in with details on how the update worked for them. Although he mentions using a DVD-R in the video, the comments appear to show that its the CD-RW disc that is needed to make it work correctly.

As the best source of info for this fix is Paul’s website, we are going to link there to it instead of sharing all the instructions here in case there are more updates:


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  1. Daniel, when I’m driving my C6 ZO6, or my C6 ZR1, the design of that steering wheel doesn’t bother me at all! GM has a history of making unattractive looking steering wheels, it doesn’t detract from the overall experience of the car, especially when that car is a Corvette!

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