[ACCIDENT] C3 Corvette Catches Fire in Fort Walton Beach


[ACCIDENT] C3 Corvette Catches Fire in Fort Walton Beach

Photo Credit: nwfdailynews.com

This red C3 Corvette went out for a drive this morning in Fort Walton Beach, Florida this morning when flames began appearing around the passenger side of the engine compartment. The Fire Department was called and it looks like they quickly put out the flames. The cause of the fire is unknown and hopefully, it was confined to just that one area.

However, these photos from the nwfdailynews.com show significant fire damage to the hood and front quarter-panel of the Corvette. We are also glad to see the owners of the car were uninjured in the accident.

One of the saddest things you’ll ever see is a Corvette that has been through a fire. Can you imagine being the owner and the feelings of hopelessness as you watch your Corvette burn? Amazon sells extinguishers for car fires and I bought a couple last year for like $20 each. It’s a very small investment but one that could protect your precious Corvette from a devastating car fire.

You can see all the pics from this car fire at www.nwfdailynews.com


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  1. That’s the main reason I keep a Halon fire extinguisher in my 3 oldest Corvettes. He seems that the older Corvettes with carburetors have more problems with gas leaking from a fuel line or the carb, itself . Not to say the newer Corvettes couldn’t have an engine fire too.

  2. Caught a loose hose at carb of my then c3 hose was so loose you could pull it off the barb this before a trip from Toronto to Watkins Glenn .

  3. This a shame, looked like a real nice C3. I’ve seen a lots of instances where guys are using rubber fuel line hose instead of formed metal lines, I dont know if this is the case here on this Red C3 or not but even tho its sometimes a monumental PITA to run the proper fuel line its more than worth it when you consider the possible outcome . The hood pictured is trash and will probably be replaced but I wonder what the FENDER looks like ? Its great that no one was injured.

  4. Early rubber bumper C3, not worth fixing. Have to wonder why everyone doesn’t have a fire extinguisher in their cars. Was a trucker for 40 years, saw many car fires with the owner standing nearby looking stupid, put out a few when there was a safe place to pull the rig over. Early VW’s were notorious for engine fires. When the rubber gas-line broke at the carburetor, gas squirted directly at the distributor.

  5. C3’s from at least the mid ’70s came from the factory with a rubber fuel line between the hard line on the frame & the fuel pump. When it cracks fuel can leak down the frame & end up right next to the exhaust collector.
    And it’s on the right side….

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