[POLL] What’s Your Favorite Corvette of the 2010s?


[POLL] What's Your Favorite Corvette of the 2010s?

Photo Credit: Keith Cornett

The final week of our “Best Corvettes from Each Decade” countdown is in the books and, one more time, we look to our readers to weigh in on how we did. It is hard to argue against the ’10s as the greatest decade of Corvette production (though the ’60s are also very hard to beat). The past ten years have spawned so many instant classics that it is hard to even remember them all.

Starting in 2010, there was the introduction of the reborn Grand Sport which joined the existing three-tiered lineup of C6 Corvettes from base to Z06 and ZR1. A Z07 package was introduced to bridge the gap between the two Z cars in 2011. Then the swan-song 427 Convertible hit the scene for a single model year before the C7 debuted in 2014, bringing back the hallowed Stingray moniker. That car was quickly joined by a new, supercharged Z06 of its own, now available in either coupe or convertible form. The portfolio stayed untouched for two years until Chevrolet again brought back the “just right” GS in 2017 before slapping a massive exclamation on the most recent Corvette generation, the decade, and the entire history of front-engine Corvettes with the ZR1 in 2019.

There isn’t a bad choice in this, the biggest group that we have had yet, but which one is your absolute favorite?

What is your favorite Corvette of the 2010s?

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Last week, voters selected the exact same top three Corvettes of the 2000s, in the exact same order that we did. First place went to the C6 ZR1 with 27% of the vote. Hot on its heels was the C6 Z06 with a 25% share and the C5 Z06 narrowly defeated the LS3 Coupe by a score of 10% to 9% to snag the 3-slot.

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