[SPIED] Did Chevy’s Prototype C8 Corvette Z06 Just Get Caught Testing in the Snow?


[SPIED] A Prototype C8 Corvette Widebody Was Caught Winter Testing

Look what the good folks at Car and Driver just turned up! New spy photos show a C8 Corvette prototype under heavy camouflage cladding as it was driving somewhere where this a lot of snow!

Car and Driver is showing seven photos of this new prototype so head over now to see all the photos!

Chevrolet can cover that car with the heaviest of black coverings but there is no hiding that coke-bottle shape with the large rear haunches. The rear wheels are about as wide as we’ve seen on previous ‘Vettes, and interestingly, the normally open-wheel design features a dark wheel cover that blocks all views of the rotor and calipers. It almost reminds us of the C4 sawblade wheels. A side view of Car and Driver’s photos (#4 of 7) also shows that the rear wheels feature a staggard set-set up with larger and wider wheels in the back than in the front.

We do see several features that appear to carry over from the 2020 Stingray. Of course, the front LED headlights and most likely rear taillights will be of similar design. This car appears to be wearing a wing spoiler similar to the Z51 spoiler on the Stingray.

There have been a ton of rumors about what might be powering the C8 Z06 but now that the C8.R will be racing with a 5.5L flat-plane-crank V8, we believe its all but a given that a similar powerplant will be found in the Z06 as the engine needs to be homologated for racing. We could also see a version of the Z06 that features additional performance from a hybrid electric motor mounted on the front wheels.

Our timeline for the new Z06 also isn’t as nailed down as we’d prefer it to be. It’s believed that the 2021 models will start production as soon as September 1st this year, but there’s no real rush for Chevrolet to push the higher performance onto the market which is currently snapping up the Stingray models at a record pace, so our guess is that we won’t see this car until 2022. But again, that’s our speculation and nothing concrete.

Still, its good news to see another prototype version of the mid-engine Corvette being developed and we can only imagine the performance specifications that will come from the C8’s Z06 model.


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