[POLL] What’s Your Favorite Corvette of the 1980s?


[POLL] What's Your Favorite Corvette of the 1980s?

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It is that time again, Corvette Nation. We just wrapped up ’80s week in our countdown of the best ‘Vettes from each decade with what ended up being our most controversial winner yet, the 1984 Corvette.

So, let us know what we should have picked by voting below for the best 30 to 40 year-old Corvette of them all. Remember, this isn’t the best C4, you are tasked with picking somewhere between the latest C3s (1980-82) and the earliest run of the C4 generation, as hard as it may be.

What's Your Favorite Corvette of the 1980s?

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Last week, for the first time in this series, readers chose a different car to represent the decade than we did. The 1970 Corvette (our second-place finisher) straight-up ran away with one third of the vote. Tied for second was our champion, the 1971, and the 1972 edition of America’s Sports Car. They each received a 13% share followed closely by the car that we ranked third, the 1978; which polled at 12%.

Stay tuned as we are finally out of the automotive dark ages next week! We will be counting down the best Corvettes from the author’s youth, the 1990s!

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  1. Favorite 80’s Corvette? Are you kidding?
    Maybe the ’83…there was only one made…for the 30TH Anniversary.
    The 80’s…particularly the last half of the 80’s, are considered to be the dark years…when quality, design, and a new production facility, well, just didn’t have it all together…yet.

    \\ 697
    \\ 4036

  2. There are NO “favorites” in the 80’s! They were all bad. It’s time for Corvette sites like this to stop fawning over these cars and call out the Good, the Bad and the Ugly. The Midyears were good(actually spectacular) as are the C’7’s. The 80’s just plain bad.

  3. Forgot to mention candidate for the “Ugliest” Corvette. It has to be the 1958 with that faux “washboard” hood and chrome “spears” on the trunk!

  4. When the C4 debuted in 1984 it was leaps and bounds over previous generations. As technology evolved so did the Corvette. The C4 was a great car for it’s time.

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