[POLL] What’s Your Favorite Corvette of the 1990s?


[POLL] What's Your Favorite Corvette of the 1990s?

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We have spoken! The C4 ZR-1 is our Best Corvette of the 1990s. Luckily, Corvette Nation is a democracy and we want to hear your thoughts on the matter.

If you missed the first story this week, we split up the cars differently for the 1990’s (and will continue this format for the final two weeks of our countdown). For the first time, we didn’t look at model years. We instead broke down the 1990s corvettes by model/powertrain and came up with the following ranking: in 3rd place we had the ’94 LT4 cars led by the Grand Sport, in second, we put the ’99 Hardtop/FRC, and as we said to start this paragraph, the ’90-’95 ZR-1 took home the fifth of our esteemed Corvette of the decade awards.

So, amigos, which 1990s Corvette most floats your boat?

What is your favorite Corvette from the 1990s?

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Looking back at last week’s poll, the car that we crowned the “best” of the ’80s, the MT Car of the Year winning 1984 model, finished in third place in the reader poll with 13% of the votes. Second place went to the final C3 vintage, 1982, and first place went to the ’89 Corvette, which took a 21% share of the vote. Unsurprisingly, last week’s poll saw the lowest voter turnout of any decade so far. Seems like the majority of Corvette fans would rather not think about the darkest days of our favorite car’s otherwise glorious life! Look out for continuing coverage of our favorite ‘Vettes from the 2000s next week!

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  1. I really thing
    k the poll should have been about favorite car, for that generation, not for the decade. When you start mixing generations, its like comparing oranges to apples

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