[VIDEO] Michelin Recaps the GTLM Class from Canadian Tire Motorsport Park


[VIDEO] Michelin Recaps the GTLM Class from Canadian Tire Motorsport Park

Here’s a quick video from our friends at Michelin who offered this recap from the weekend of racing at the 2018 Mobil 1 SportsCar Grand Prix at Canadian Tire Motorsport Park.

Ford gets the win but the Yellow Corvette C7.Rs were right behind the No.67 GT and would finish 2nd and 3rd in class.

Michelin teams in IMSA tackled Canadian Tire Motorsport Park for Round 6 of the season. Ford wins and winning co-driver Ryan Briscoe reflects on the collective efforts it took to get there.

In our analysis, we think the Corvette team has the go-ahead pass of the race when the No.3 and No.4 C7.Rs jumped the 2nd place 911 Porsche with around 5 minutes to go as it was attempting to pass the GTD Lexus:


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  1. Corvette Racing was robbed of a victory. Only way Ford could maintain the lead before running out of gas was a wreck and pitting before the yellow flag started waving. Track officials took forever to wave the yellow flag after the wreck so of course Ford gets the chance to pit before pit lane was closed. I kept waiting for the video replay of the timing of their pit but it was never shown. Without that yellow at that time in the race Corvette finishes #1 and #2. I still think they pitted after the yellow but can’t find a replay. It was controversial and the race broadcasters were talking about it at the time but didn’t show a video replay of the timing. I think the race officials dropped the ball and didn’t have a video replay of the timing.

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