[VIDEO] Charlotte Man Believes His Corvette was Targeted by Arsonist Because He is Gay


Charlotte Man Believes His Corvette was Targeted by Arsonist Because He is Gay

Photo Credit: Seth Headley

A Charlotte, N.C., man says his black 1992 Corvette was his escape.

Now it’s been destroyed by an arsonist.

Seth Headley, 27, suspects it may have been a hate crime because he is gay.

“My Corvette has ‘gay’ all over it,” Headley said to the Charlotte Observer. “It has ‘equality’ in the back. This car is well known in Charlotte. It’s been seen, you know. It has rainbow LEDs under it. I let my pride fly.”

A roommate woke Headley up early Wednesday morning, telling him his Corvette was on fire.

Headley says he was suspicious of the origins of the blaze, and sure enough, once he checked, he found surveillance footage of a man driving away in a truck after setting fire to the Corvette, even returning 10 minutes later to add more flames toward the back of the car.

The vehicle is barely recognizable as a Corvette now, with heavy damage to the front end.

Police have already arrested Jackson Tyler Brooks, 21, and charged him with burning personal property.

Headley has owned the Corvette for a year because it reminded him of one his father owned when he was younger. The burned vehicle had less than 30,000 miles on the odometer and was in better shape than his dad’s old Corvette, though – that is, until Wednesday morning.

“It was my car. It was mine to enjoy,” he said. “I don’t go clubbing. I don’t drink. I don’t smoke. I don’t do drugs. That was my escape.”


Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police arrested 21-year-old Jackson Brooks for the burning of the Headley’s 1992 Corvette. Authorities said Brooks was likely targeting the female roommate whom he had dated several times. Police believe a second case may be tied to Brooks as well. Here’s an update from WBTV:


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  1. What a crime to target the car and the owner in this free country, but sadly now all of us are potential targets if we display our beliefs or politics with a bumper sticker, t-shirt or a hat. Amazing how nonchalant the perp appears – guess the dumbass didn’t get the memo about cameras being everywhere nowadays.

  2. Actually John, the Republicans have been very passive since the election, the violent ones have all been Trump haters, your “cheeto” comment is also unappreciated.

  3. Please, let’s leave politics out of this. I’m gay, I own a Corvette, and I voted for Trump–What of it? This is a travesty towards someone who seems like a good person, towards the Corvette community, auto enthusiasts in general, and to American freedoms to be who you are and live life to its fullest. And dammit, this 26 year old C4 survivor had only 30K miles–that’s the worst part!! Let’s not make this about politicians or political parties.

  4. Matt’s right. Leave the politics out of it, and the orientation. This was a crime against our Corvette community. I have a nice 1994 torch red coupe with aftermarket side exhausts. It is sort of a “driver” with 83k miles. I would be heartbroken if a crime was committed against it and me. It ain’t just my Jeep. We should chip in and buy him another ‘Vette!

  5. Hopefully, before the Judge awards Jackson a new career in license plate mfg., Seth is awarded appropriate
    compensation for his losses to replace his Corvette and shake off the ignorance displayed by the arsonist. Actually, I thought John was referring to Killary. Maybe she and Comey can join Jackson in their License Plate
    101 classes together. Save the wave!!!

  6. This corvette was destroyed because the owner is gay ,period! I am also gay and was the victim of a hate crime years ago. That f..n arsonest should spend the rest of his f..n life in jail where he can be someone’s bitch…and trump is a gay hater look what he did with the military (transsexuals etc).wake the f up america

  7. Of Donnie,you’re so easily offended by,”Cheeto”. That was as polite as I could be describing it.
    MarkShyman,you are 100% wrong. How could you miss the only point in this article and taking the owner in his words.

  8. John, leave politics out of this conversation. Because nobody cares what you think about the current President. Unless you are talking about the topic at hand, keep you’re childish and immature opinions to yourself!

  9. Childish and immature you say? Could that be because you’re a Cheeto acolyte? I’m far brighter and mature than you are. Save your comments for your middle school kids.

  10. Just stop! This story has -ZERO- to do with politics, policy, the President, or whether you support him. If we can agree with Mark Shyman’s sentiments, perhaps we can chip in to help Mr. Headley out with his deductible.

  11. Perhaps it’s time for a little research here. Johns Hopkins School of Public Health and the Center for Disease Control in Atlanta have literally millions of individuals’ data on orientation and activity. What regular folks just don’t know is that gay, straight AND bi folks are 80-90% 1-to-1 fidelity types, perhaps going from one partner to another, but never engaging with multiple partners. However, there are 10-20% of people who will do anything with anyone, and engage in groups very often. These types don’t refer to themselves as “gay” and will never accept that what they are doing is technically defined as “gay”, they insist it’s just “wild partying”.

    Cheeto? Who here thinks he hasn’t had those “wild parties”? Because if you don’t know that he has, you’re asleep. He’s been there, he’s done that. With other men. That p-p tape that Poo-tin has on him includes some of these scenes.

  12. Before 2016 – “the left needs to stop this PC culture and the stupid idea of safe spaces”

    After 2016 – “the left needs to respect our safe spaces and speak with PC respect”

    Matt Kase: “This here story has zero to do with politics”. Uh huh. And there’s plenty else too. I’m ready to return to respect. As soon as Cheeto leads me there.

  13. Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police arrested 21-year-old Jackson Brooks for the burning of the Headley’s 1992 Corvette. Authorities said Brooks was likely targeting the female roommate whom he had dated several times. Police believe a second case may be tied to Brooks as well.

  14. Thanks for the update, Keith. So now the perp was GF-bashing instead of (pick a victim)-bashing, and we all jumped to our own conclusions. And the Corvette-bashing which is what this article is really about…is on a Corvette Forum – go figure. I had actually been thinking of a simmering road-rage incident where the aggrieved Mr. Brooks was out to avenge his being greatly offended on the highway. In any event, his romance is probably over, and hopefully, this thread, please God.

  15. John, you are far from bright or mature. A young child would put you to shame in the intellect department! And I do not support Trump, or any other politician for that matter. I support the Corvette community. Have a nice day!

  16. I am indeed,both,as stated. Your personal attacks may work on the middle school forums you frequent but not in an adult forum. Indeed,have a day.

  17. John, you in an adult forum? I highly doubt that you have the kind of brain power necessary for that! And you’re obsession with all thing’s middle school related is rather disturbing.

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