Arson Destroys a $100,000 C7 Corvette Z06 in Georgia


Arson Destroys a $100,000 Corvette Z06 in Georgia

Photo Credit: The Summerville News

Police in a small North Georgia town are seeking tips from the public to try and solve an arson that destroyed a $100,000 Corvette Z06.

The incident occurred June 8 in Summerville, about 90 minutes northwest of Atlanta.

“Because the fire was located in a residential area, many onlookers and concerned neighbors came to the scene to offer assistance and check on the well-being of the residents there,” Police Detective Brian Ozment said.

To the enthusiast’s eye, you can tell it once was a very nice Corvette. Now all that remains is the skeleton of Chevy’s most powerful car ever.

The 2016 Corvette burned inside an outbuilding at 585 Sixth Street around 11 p.m., and belonged to local resident James Crawford.

Investigators are trying to find out who pried open the garage door, already agape when firefighters arrived.

“Investigators have not been able to determine positively if this door was forced open prior to the fire or if a concerned neighbor may have opened it to ensure no one was inside prior to the fire department’s arrival,” Ozment said.

Summerville Fire Investigator Trey Skelton urges anyone with information about the arson to call 706-859-0912 or leave a private message on the City of Summerville Police Department’s Facebook page.

“The door is the main question,” Skelton said.


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