Florida Man Sets Neighbor’s Red Corvette On Fire As Revenge for Suspected Theft of Lawnmower


Florida Man Sets Neighbor's Red Corvette On Fire As Revenge for Suspected Theft of Lawnmower

After suspecting that his neighbors had stolen items including his lawnmower, A Florida man named Brandon Rivera of Edgewater, FL., allegedly took matters into his own hands by setting fire to the couple’s Red 1984 Corvette. (The two reports say 1984 Corvette but the photo shown is a later C4 model.)

Edgewater Police were called to the neighbor’s house on Wednesday evening where a man told them he saw Rivera set his roommate’s Corvette on fire. The Corvette is owned by John Boutelle and Paula Farrell. The unidentified roommate who witnessed the arson used a garden hose to put out the fire.

Rivera told police he believed the owner was a “crack head” and “a thief” who stole his lawnmower. He said he used a Gatorade bottle filled with gas which he poured on the driver’s seat before using a lighter to set the car on fire.

Police charged the 38-year-old man with burglary of a vehicle and arson. He posted $20,000 bail and was released from he Volusia County Branch Jail.

Damage to the Corvette was apparently confined to the car’s upholstery. The report says the couple paid $3,500 for the car but felt it was worth more.

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  1. The red vette in the fire account looks like a 94 (wheels and gills), probably just a typo in the account.

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