C4 Corvette Torched by Suspicious Individuals in Australia


C4 Corvette Torched by Suspicious Individuals in Australia

A van pulls onto a Thomastown, Australia street in the dead of night.

The driver hops out, jogs away, and returns with a yellow C4 Corvette convertible.

He parks the car and it remains there from 2 to 6 a.m. when someone returns to move it around the corner, where it suddenly explodes.

All this clandestine activity was captured on a surveillance camera across the street, with a bright flash of light over the tree line and out of view of the camera illuminating the early morning sky in this quiet surburban neighborhood near Melbourne.

“I was asleep and I heard a large explosion and I came out to see what it is and all the neighbors started coming out, too,” a witness who provided the security tape told Ten Eyewitness News reporter Sharnelle Vella.

The driver of the Corvette is seen on the tape returning to the get-away van and fleeing the scene.

Emergency services responded within minutes and put out the “suspicious inferno,” but the Corvette was “a write-off,” Vella reported.

“It was pretty frightening,” the witness said, especially since the flames came dangerously close to family homes. “It’s just ridiculous. There’s so much fear they’re putting into the community.”

C4 Corvette Torched by Suspicious Individuals in Australia

Police say the investigation is still underway and that no arrests or charges have been made. They encourage anyone who saw suspicious activity in the area to come forward.

“Nobody needs this,” the witness concluded. “It’s such a quiet street … you’ve got a right to feel safe.”

Ten Eyewitness News

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